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Did You Suffer Injuries By A Damaged or Faulty Product?

Unfortunately, many individuals purchase defective products and become injured; as a result. The good news is that our defective product lawyers are experienced in product liability laws that offer protections to the consumer against the companies responsible for the defective product. If you have been injured as a result of a defective product, it imperative that you consult with an experienced defective product attorney because the laws surrounding product liability are very complicated and specific. For example, many individuals do not know that the individuals and entities liable for a defective product include entities in the “chain of distribution.” This means that manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, laboratories, sellers, and any other entities that were involved in the making, supplying, or selling of the product may be held liable for the damages resulting therein.

There are three categories of defective products:

1. Design Defects—this occurs when the product was designed in a way that rendered it defective

2. Manufacturing Defects—this occurs when the product was not up to par with the regulations and specifications of a manufacturer

3. Marketing Defects—this occurs when a product does not contain the requisite labels, instructions, or warnings that render it defective and dangerous

Defective Product Attorneys

How Defective Product Attorneys Can Help With Your Product Liability Case

Our Orange County defective product attorneys have encountered a wide variety of product liability cases that include:

  • Vehicle Defects
  • Vehicle Tire Defects
  • Vehicle Seatbelt Defects
  • Drug Defects
  • Pharmaceutical Defects
  • Cosmetic Surgery Defects
  • Work Machinery Defects
  • Housing Machinery Defects
  • Eye Surgery Defects
  • Surgical Defects
  • Defective Bicycles
  • Defective Helicopters
  • Defective Boats

Hiring A Product Liability Lawyer For A Defective Product Injury

Companies recall thousands of products each year because they discover that they are dangerous or defective. Our Orange County product liability lawyers understand the laws created to protect consumers and will fight to ensure the various entities in the chain of distribution are held liable, including but not limited to the manufacturer, seller, or retailer. Unfortunately, many individuals are seriously injured or even killed by defective products that were later recalled because of such defects. Our product liability lawyers will ensure your legal rights are protected and that you and your family are fully compensated according to current product liability laws.

Our attorneys at Chris and Frank Accident Attorneys have encountered a wide variety of product liability cases that include:

  • Tobacco
  • Vehicles
  • Home appliances
  • Certain Foods
  • Certain Drugs
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Toys
  • Lawnmowers
  • Trucks
  • Bicycles
  • Motorcycles

At Chris and Frank Accident Attorneys, our goal is to help you recover from any injuries suffered because of a defective product. We will assist you with your medical concerns and other financial issues. Our goal is to be here for you, gain your trust, and fight for you until you receive the compensation and help you are entitled to according to current personal injury laws.

Talk to a Defective Products Injury Lawyer About Your Case

If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of a defective product, call our experienced product liability attorneys today for a free consultation. We accept product liability / defective product cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that there will be no cost to you unless we recover compensation for you.

Chris and Frank have helped countless individuals recover financially after injury accidents in cities throughout Orange County and Southern California!

If you’ve been injured in an accident in Anaheim, Santa Ana, Irvine, Huntington Beach, Garden Grove, Orange, Fullerton, Costa Mesa, Mission Viejo, Westminster, Lade Forest, Newport Beach, Buena Park, Tustin, Yorba Linda, Laguna Niguel, San Clemente, La Habra, Fountain Valley, Placentia, Aliso Viejo, Cypress, Rancho Santa Margarita, Brea, Stanton, San Juan Capistrano, Dana Point, Laguna Hills, Seal Beach, Laguna Beach, Laguna Woods, La Palma Los Alamitos or Villa Park, contact us today at 714-882-5800 for a FREE Consultation or fill out our online free case ev aluation!

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