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When a consumer purchases or leases a new or used vehicle, the last thing they want is to have issues with its performance right off the bat. Unfortunately, this happens at times, which is why California has legislation set up for the protection of individuals who bought a truck, car, or motorcycle that doesn’t function as it should.

What Is a Lemon Law?

California has one of the most effective “Lemon Laws” in the US. It creates provisions to protect consumers who buy a product such as a vehicle, only to find that it malfunctions, and allows them to obtain a refund, a cash settlement, or a replacement. Anyone who leases or purchases a vehicle with recurring problems that the dealer can’t repair should seek the advice of an experienced attorney to resolve issues with their “lemon.”

California Lemon Law Lawyer

What Do Lemon Laws Cover?

California lemon laws apply to any consumer products leased or purchased for household, family, or personal use. In addition to automobiles, these laws cover most defective products, with the exception of OTC drugs, cosmetics, food items, and clothing. The manufacturer is given the opportunity to make repair attempts; however, if they are unable to repair the item, they must refund the customer’s money or provide a replacement.

Specifics of California’s Lemon Laws

In California, manufacturers are mandated to abide by the following guidelines.

  • Offer repair sites in reasonable proximity to the consumer, so they don’t have a difficult time accessing services
  • Make repairs to the defective products within a thirty-day timeframe
  • Adhere to a reasonable number of attempts to repair the goods
  • Provide the buyer with a refund or replacement, less any use value they had without trouble
  • Pay for the customer’s costs and attorney fees, within reason

As this applies to vehicles, the seller or manufacturer is afforded reasonable opportunities to repair the auto. If they cannot fix it, they must replace or repurchase it, along with covering any legal fees and costs. They must compensate the individual for any consequential and incidental damages.

The number of attempts the seller is given to repair the vehicle depends on how serious the defects are. In most cases, defects related to safety are allowed fewer repair opportunities than others.

Be Aware of Consumer Rights

Oftentimes, individuals will assume they have no recourse for defective products they purchase, so they blame themselves and pay for repairs or replacement on their own. California’s lemon laws, however, are meant to provide buyers with monetary compensation for their loss.

Anyone dealing with an uncooperative manufacturer or seller after they have leased or purchased a vehicle that doesn’t work as it should can seek an evaluation of their claim from a lemon law lawyer to exercise their rights and remedy the situation.

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