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Can A Restaurant Be Liable If I Get Food Poisoning?

by | Apr 19, 2015 | Food Injuries

If you eat at a restaurant and later find yourself with a case of food poisoning, it can be hard to determine whether or not the establishment is held liable. That is why you need to figure out whether or not you can prove that the restaurant caused your illness. From there, if you believe they should be held responsible, you need to show that you experienced so much harm from this food poisoning that it is worth filing a legal claim.

Even if you have a strong suspicion that your meal at a restaurant is to blame for your sickness, it can be hard to prove it. Especially if there was an extended amount of time between when you ate and when you fell ill. That is why you have to think about whether something else could have made you sick. After all, the restaurant and any lawyers will ask you this. Could this illness also be due to something like the stomach flu? Maybe the sickness is the result of something else you ate?

If you have one of those rare situations where you have evidence that the restaurant’s food was tainted, this may not even be enough. For instance, if you have leftovers hanging out in your refrigerator, this is not necessarily conclusive evidence. That is because if you have the leftovers tested in a lab and it is determined that it contains a harmful bacteria, the restaurant could say that the bacteria developed from something that you did. They may say that you left the food unrefrigerated or that it became contaminated in some other way.

Your best bet to leave the restaurant liable for your food poisoning is to have more than one person affected. If there are many people who ate where you did and are suffering from the fate, it is much easier to prove that the restaurant caused the food poisoning. If you believe that this food poisoning that resulted from eating at a restaurant cost you a lot, it is important to turn to our dedicated lawyers at Chris and Frank. That means if you had to be hospitalized due to your illness or you experienced a very dangerous microbe such as salmonella, it is worth pursuing a case. If this food poisoning led to high medical bills, get in touch with with a personal injury attorney so they can provide you with legal assistance.

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