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Every day, thousands of people living in California experience all types of personal injuries from unexpected causes. While some of these incidents may be resolved privately between the parties involved, this is not always realistic or legally possible. When one party causes harm to another party through negligence or intentional misconduct, this is a “personal injury,” and California state law dictates that the at-fault driver is liable for any and all damages they cause others.

Representing Corona, CA, Clients in Their Personal Injury Claims

If you or a loved one is struggling in the aftermath of an incident that someone else caused, you may have grounds to file a personal injury claim to recover your damages. Regardless of how your recent personal injury happened, you should speak with a reliable Corona personal injury attorney as soon as possible to start taking full advantage of all your options for legal recourse.

Benefits of Hiring a Corona Personal Injury Attorney

It’s possible for more than one party to bear fault for the personal injury you experienced. It is also possible for you to bear partial liability but still have legal grounds to seek damages under California law. Ultimately, every personal injury claim is unique, and no two plaintiffs will face the same road to recovery from their damages. You need flexible and responsive legal counsel from a team ready to address the unique legal mechanisms unfolding in your claim.

The attorneys at Chris and Frank take an individualized and client-focused approach to personal injury counsel. We’ll begin handling your case by carefully evaluating the root cause of your damages. We’ll assist you in identifying the party or parties responsible for the personal injury you suffered and guide you through the procedures necessary for holding them responsible. When it comes to your recovery, our team has years of experience in personal injury law we will leverage on your behalf to maximize your final compensation.

Commonly Reported Personal Injuries in Corona, CA

Everyone faces various risks every day in Corona, and everyone is also expected to exercise reasonable care in many different situations. For example, a driver has a duty of care to obey posted traffic signals and speed limits. A pedestrian has a duty of care to heed crosswalk signals and pay attention to their surroundings. A personal injury occurs whenever a party breaches their duty of care in a given situation, resulting in harm to another party.

Some of the most common causes of personal injuries in the Corona, CA, area include:

  • Car accidents. Motor vehicle accidents continue to be a leading cause of accidental injuries and deaths throughout the United States year after year. We can help a client file an auto insurance claim for some initial recovery before helping them build a personal injury claim for a more expansive recovery.
  • Dog attacks. California enforces strict liability for damages whenever a dog injures another person unprovoked. The dog’s owner is fully liable for injuries their pet inflicts on others, but this rule does not apply to intruders or trespassers.
  • Slip and fall injury suits. If a person sustains a slip and fall injury on someone else’s property, the property owner is liable for their damages under California’s premises liability statutes.
  • Work-related accidents. California requires almost every employer to carry workers’ compensation insurance, but these benefits alone may not fully cover an injured worker’s damages. While the state’s workers’ compensation laws typically prevent injured workers from filing civil suits for damages against their employers for workplace injuries, third parties could face liability for damages that workers’ compensation won’t cover.
  • Catastrophic injuries. Some personal injuries are especially damaging, resulting in permanent harm to the victim. In the event a personal injury entails a permanent disability, loss of function, or diminished quality of life, the defendant faces extensive liability for the victim’s short and long-term damages.

No matter how your personal injury happened, you must identify the party or parties responsible if you want to recover compensation for the losses they caused. Most personal injury claims filed in the Corona, CA, area revolve around acts of negligence or failures to exercise reasonable care in specific situations. Others pertain to intentional misconduct and criminal behavior. These cases can be more challenging for plaintiffs but may also sometimes yield additional compensation not available in typical personal injury claims.

Compensation for a Corona, CA, Personal Injury

California’s personal injury statutes enable a plaintiff to seek full recovery from any and all economic damages sustained because of the defendant’s negligence or misconduct. The economic damages we can potentially help you recover include:

  • Immediate medical expenses like hospital bills and ambulance fees.
  • Long-term medical treatment costs for severe injuries, such as physical therapy, multiple surgeries, necessary in-home care, and other ongoing treatment costs.
  • Lost income immediately following the incident in question, including accrued vacation time or paid hours off the victim was forced to use.
  • Lost future earning capacity. If the victim’s ability to work and earn an income is in any way impaired by the defendant’s actions, the defendant is liable for their lost future wages.
  • Property losses, such as damage to the plaintiff’s home or vehicle caused by the defendant’s misconduct or negligence.
  • Lost business value. If you are a business owner and your personal injury has harmed the profitability of your company, the defendant could face liability for these losses.

For the best chance of accurately calculating the full scope of economic damages you can seek in your personal injury suit, it’s vital to work with an experienced attorney with a solid professional record of successful cases like yours.

Beyond your economic damages, a good attorney can help you secure compensation for the pain and suffering you experienced because of the defendant’s actions. California does not limit the non-economic damages a personal injury plaintiff can seek in their claim, with the single exception of medical malpractice claims. State law limits pain and suffering compensation for medical malpractice plaintiffs to $250,000.

California upholds a pure comparative negligence rule that applies to personal injury claims. This means that a plaintiff bearing partial liability for their claimed damages will lose a percentage of their final compensation equal to their fault percentage. Depending on how much your total damages are worth and what level of partial liability you hold, comparative fault could potentially reduce your case award substantially. Working with an experienced Corona personal injury attorney is the best way to minimize any potentially shared fault you face and maximize your final case award.


Q: Is It Worth Filing a Personal Injury Claim in California?

A: State law allows the plaintiff in a personal injury suit to, at minimum, seek full compensation for all the economic damages a defendant caused them to suffer. The right attorney can help the plaintiff also recover compensation for long-term losses caused by the defendant as well as pain and suffering. If you suffered any serious injury due to another party’s misconduct or negligence, it is worth taking time to consult a Corona personal injury attorney to discuss your options for legal recourse.

Q: Do I Really Need to Hire a Corona Personal Injury Attorney?

A: Technically, there is no strict legal requirement to hire a personal injury attorney in California. You are legally allowed to file a claim on your own, but you face many risks in doing so. First, you are likely to overlook channels of compensation an experienced attorney could discern on your behalf. Second, any procedural errors in the filing of your case can result in significant delays in your recovery efforts. Hiring an experienced Corona personal injury attorney makes every aspect of your case easier to handle and makes the case overall more likely to succeed.

Q: How Long Will My Personal Injury Claim Take to Resolve?

A: Some personal injury claims can be resolved relatively quickly, while others are more challenging and time-consuming for the parties involved. If fault is readily apparent and the defendant offers no contest to liability for your damages, you could potentially resolve the case in a matter of days or weeks with the help of an attorney. When fault is contested or when an at-fault driver denies liability, litigation may be necessary to resolve the case, and it will take several months to finalize.

Q: How Much Is My Personal Injury Case Worth in Corona, CA?

A: Your Corona personal injury attorney can provide an estimate of the total potential value of your economic damages, and they will also help you determine suitable pain and suffering compensation for your injuries. The attorneys at Chris and Frank strive to help every client recover as fully as state law allows. We’ll seek maximum compensation for your immediate and long-term damages resulting from your recent personal injury.

Q: Is It Worth Hiring a Corona Personal Injury Attorney?

A: If you are hesitant about the potential cost of hiring legal representation, remember that you stand to lose more than you could potentially save on legal fees if you try to handle your civil claim for damages on your own. Additionally, the Chris and Frank team accepts personal injury cases on a contingency basis, meaning there are no upfront costs for our representation. Whatever your case entails, you can expect personalized counsel from our team through all stages of your recovery efforts.

The team at Chris and Frank Accident Attorneys understands how devastating an unexpected personal injury can be for any victim and their family. We have years of experience guiding clients in the Corona, CA, area through all manner of complex personal injury claims, and we’re ready to put this experience to work for you. Contact us today and schedule your free consultation with an experienced Corona personal injury attorney you can trust.

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