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Rideshare services such as Uber and Lyft have become a preferred transportation service in the United States over the last few years. Many people living and working in California use rideshare apps every day as an accessible and affordable alternative to traditional public transportation and taxi services. Virtually anyone can download the Uber or Lyft app and summon a driver in a short time. However, this convenience does come with a tradeoff. In the event you are injured in an accident involving a rideshare driver, the process of securing compensation for your damages will be much more complicated than it would in a standard motor vehicle accident.

Representing Costa Mesa Uber and Lyft Rideshare Accident Claims

The firm of Chris and Frank has successfully represented many clients in the Costa Mesa, CA, area with a wide range of motor vehicle accident claims, including those pertaining to rideshare services like Uber and Lyft. If you or a loved one recently suffered injuries while using a rideshare service in Costa Mesa, we can help. Every case is unique, but having the right attorney assisting you is invaluable after any rideshare accident in California.

Why Should I Hire a Costa Mesa Uber/Lyft Rideshare Accident Lawyer?

Recovering from any motor vehicle accident can be incredibly challenging and stressful. While California enforces a fault rule for determining liability for accidents, it can be difficult to accurately identify the party or parties responsible for causing a rideshare accident. Additionally, these motor vehicle accidents often raise complex questions regarding liability and claimable damages. When you are already struggling with painful injuries and your recovery needs after a severe motor vehicle accident, attempting to also manage these tedious legal issues can make an already demanding situation even more frustrating and challenging.

Working with an experienced Costa Mesa Uber/Lyft rideshare accident lawyer offers the best chance of securing fair compensation for your losses. Additionally, having a dependable legal team on your side significantly increases your chances of navigating the case as quickly as possible while maximizing your recovery. The attorneys at Chris and Frank take time to thoroughly investigate the details of every client’s case to provide carefully individualized legal counsel. We know that no two rideshare accident claims are exactly alike and strive to provide every client we represent with the full scope of our resources and experience.

Rideshare Accident Attorneys

Determining Liability for a Accident Involving a Rideshare

If you have a rideshare accident, either as a passenger in a rideshare driver’s vehicle or while driving your own vehicle, you need professional advice. One of the most critical steps you must complete when it comes to securing compensation for your damages is identifying the party or parties responsible for causing the accident. Rideshare accidents happen for many of the same reasons as other motor vehicle accidents, including:

  • Driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or drugs. This is extremely dangerous for the impaired driver and everyone around them, and it is illegal. A DUI driver who causes a rideshare accident is likely to face criminal charges in addition to responsibility for the civil damages of the other drivers they harm.
  • Distracted driving. This is the most commonly cited cause of motor vehicle accidents in the US. Even a few seconds of distracted driving is enough to cause a devastating accident. Your Costa Mesa Uber/Lyft rideshare accident lawyer will help you gather the evidence you may need to hold the distracted driver who caused your rideshare accident accountable, such as cell phone records and traffic camera footage.
  • Speeding and moving violations. All drivers need to follow posted traffic signals and obey the rules of the road. This is especially true for rideshare drivers who operate their vehicles as a paid service. When drivers commit moving violations, they make it harder for other drivers to anticipate their actions and may startle them, resulting in an accident.
  • Aggressive driving. All drivers have a duty of care to operate their vehicles responsibly, and this means refraining from aggressive maneuvers like tailgating, sudden lane changes, and cutting off other drivers.

These are just some examples of how rideshare accidents might happen in the Costa Mesa area. The determining factor as to whether you have grounds for legal action is if the accident happened because of another party’s actions.

Commonly Reported Ridesharing Injuries

Rideshare accidents carry the same risk of injury as most other motor vehicle accidents. Chris and Frank has successfully represented many clients who have suffered a wide range of injuries and economic losses from rideshare accidents in California. The most commonly reported rideshare accident injuries include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries, which may pose life-changing complications to victims.
  • Spinal cord injuries, which are capable of resulting in paralysis and permanently diminished quality of life.
  • Internal organ injuries often require immediate medical intervention and have a high chance of causing long-term medical complications.
  • Bone fractures, painful injuries requiring long recovery times, and sometimes surgical correction.
  • Catastrophic injuries. This includes any injury that causes permanent harm. Traumatic brain injuries, spinal injuries, amputations, and severe burns are just a few possible examples of injuries that may qualify as catastrophic.

These are just some examples of the injuries a rideshare accident might cause. If you or a loved one is struggling in the aftermath of a rideshare accident, contact us today. An experienced Costa Mesa Uber/Lyft rideshare accident lawyer has the skills you need.

How Does Insurance Work for a Accident with a Rideshare?

California enforces a fault rule for car accidents, meaning an at-fault driver is legally responsible for the damages resulting from an accident they caused. However, the recently implemented laws regarding rideshare accident insurance make recovery from most rideshare accidents far more complicated than it is for other motor vehicle accidents. Rideshare services such as Uber and Lyft must have insurance protection for their riders. This insurance coverage adjusts through various phases depending on the driver’s current status:

  • When a rideshare driver is not logged into their Driver app and using their vehicle for personal reasons, their own auto insurance policy applies if they have an accident.
  • If the driver is logged into the app and waiting for a ride request from a passenger, the first level of coverage applies. In California, the first tier of rideshare accident coverage from Uber and Lyft includes up to $50,000 in bodily injury liability coverage per person, up to $100,000 in bodily injury liability coverage per accident, and up to $25,000 in property damage liability coverage.
  • When the driver has accepted a ride request and is on the way to pick up a passenger or driving a passenger to their destination, the highest tier of coverage applies and provides up to $1 million in third-party liability insurance. This tier of coverage also includes underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage and contingent comprehensive and collision coverage for the driver up to the actual cash value of their vehicle.

While these coverage terms might seem generous, securing an insurance settlement for a rideshare accident is more complex than obtaining an insurance claim payout after a standard motor vehicle accident. Working with an experienced Costa Mesa Uber/Lyft rideshare accident lawyer is the best way to navigate the insurance claim process in this situation.

Taking Legal Action Beyond Insurance After a Accident with a Rideshare

It’s important to remember that you may not secure the total coverage amount available from a rideshare company after your accident. Insurance companies typically look for any reasons they can find to justify denying claims or offering lowball settlements. Depending on how the accident occurred, you may only be able to secure a portion of your damages through available insurance coverage.

Hiring an experienced Costa Mesa Uber/Lyft rideshare accident attorney will significantly increase your chance of obtaining suitable recovery for your damages. Your legal team will help you prove liability for your rideshare accident, assist you in navigating complex insurance claims, and help you compile a personal injury claim against the at-fault driver if necessary for your recovery.

Costa Mesa Uber Lyft Rideshare accident attorney

FAQs About Costa Mesa, CA Rideshare Accident Law

Does Uber/Lyft Compensate for Accidents?

Both Uber and Lyft offer third-party liability insurance, but this coverage only applies at specific times. Additionally, securing a claim payout is very difficult. It’s vital to consult an attorney as soon as possible after a rideshare accident to determine your best recovery options.

Is Uber/Lyft Responsible for Accidents?

Liability for an accident depends on how it happened. Generally, Uber and Lyft do not bear liability for an accident unless evidence shows they failed to uphold appropriate hiring policies and allowed a dangerous driver to take ride requests through their platforms.

What Happens If You Get Injured in an Uber/Lyft?

If you are injured in a rideshare accident, you should follow the same steps as you would after any other car accident. Report the accident to the police and seek medical treatment as soon as possible, even if you think you only sustained minor injuries. Once you have an idea of the scope of your damages, contact a Costa Mesa Uber/Lyft rideshare accident lawyer to discuss your legal options.

Can I Sue Uber/Lyft as a Driver?

If you drive for a rideshare company and believe your employer harmed you or violated their contract with you in any way, you could have grounds for a civil claim against them. Consult an experienced rideshare accident lawyer to determine whether you have grounds to file a lawsuit.

Contact Attorneys Chris and Frank for Uber/Lyft Accidents

You probably have more questions about your legal options following a rideshare accident. Chris and Frank can provide the answers you need during this challenging time and help you explore your legal options. If you are ready to discuss your case with a Costa Mesa Uber/Lyft rideshare accident lawyer, contact Chris and Frank today to schedule your consultation with our firm.

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