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Do I Need An Attorney For My Personal Injury Claim?

by | Nov 16, 2022 | Personal Injury

Nobody expects to be in an auto accident. Unfortunately, every day on a road in California cars get into accidents. An accident that often results in a vehicle that needs to be repaired or replaced. Physical injuries that can require extended periods of recovery or maybe recovery is not possible. People may not be able to pay their bills or lose their jobs as the result of being injured in a car accident. Insurance companies want to pay policyholders the least amount required of them. A personal injury attorney can help people suffering from the effects of a car accident. They can make certain the insurance companies properly compensate their clients and more.

Compensation Process

When a person has a personal injury, they may not know how the legal process will impact their claim. There are legal documents that must be properly completed and correctly submitted. A personal injury attorney will know how to avoid a claim being dismissed because of California’s statute of limitations. It is important to realize the insurance company will know all about the legal process. They hire attorneys to protect their interests when it comes to paying claims. A person will benefit by having a personal injury attorney on their side to address their issues with an insurance company.


When a person experiences a car accident, they may also be injured. The insurance company will try and negotiate the lowest possible payments. Many people who are suffering from injuries, or don’t understand the process, may settle for much less compensation than they are entitled to under the law. Insurance companies prefer to negotiate with people who are not represented by a personal injury lawyer. It makes their jobs easier. An experienced personal injury attorney will know how to negotiate and get their client everything owed to them.

Taking A Case To Trial

The majority of car accident cases do not go to trial. There are times an insurance company will be more willing to provide adequate compensation so that a trial can be avoided. Insurance companies understand that a trial is time-consuming and expensive. The outcome of a trial is never certain. It is something both sides want to avoid. There are car accident cases that will go to trial. This is a time when having a personal injury attorney can make all the difference. They will be able to prepare adequately for the trial and professionally present their client’s point of view to the court.

Decrease Worry

When a person has experienced damage from a car accident, they are concerned with recovering from injuries and having their vehicle repaired or replaced. It is a stressful time. Car accident victims just want to focus on getting back to their life before the car accident. A personal injury attorney will be able to handle their claim with the insurance company. They will know how to get fair and adequate compensation. These lawyers will know how to make certain an insurance company follows what’s written on their insurance policy. This will enable a person to devote the necessary time to recovering from the car accident and getting their life back on track.


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