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Economic Recovery You’re Entitled to After an Accident and Injury

by | Jul 9, 2020 | Personal Injury

If you are involved in an accident and suffer injuries, you may be able to pursue compensation from the person or persons responsible for your injuries. The types of recovery that you qualify for depends on your injuries and losses, called damages. In personal injury cases, there are many different types of recovery that you may be eligible for. 

It is best to work with a skilled personal injury attorney to determine what types of recovery you are entitled to. Personal injury laws vary in each state, so you must build your case based on those laws.


Types of Economic Recovery


The types of economic recovery you are entitled to may vary from this list, but below you will find a list of the kinds of recovery commonly sought in personal injury cases:


· Medical expenses

· Future medical expenses

· Disability

· Disfigurement

· Loss of enjoyment of life

· Lost wages

· Loss of earning capacity

· Loss of society or companionship

· Pain and suffering

· Mental anguish

· Household services


In addition to these damages, you may qualify for what is called “special damages.” These damages cover all monetary losses. To recover special damages, you must have proof of the injuries and the total amount of money involved.


 Do I Need a Personal Injury Attorney to Obtain Recovery?


After an accident and injury, it is best to discuss your potential personal injury case with an attorney. Doing so helps ensure that your legal rights are protected and that you have every possible option for obtaining recovery. A skilled personal injury attorney will also be familiar with state laws that may impact how your case is managed.

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