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A “slip and fall” may sound like a minor injury, but the reality is that slip and fall incidents account for many hospital visits and missed days of work in the US each year. Depending on the nature and location of a slip and fall, the victim could sustain life-changing injuries and face a very difficult road to recovery. When these injuries occur because of the negligence of property owners, those affected need to know their rights and legal options for holding those property owners accountable.

An experienced Fullerton slip and fall lawyer is an invaluable asset for anyone in this situation. The right legal team can help their client explore the full scope of their options for legal recourse. If a property owner is responsible for the slip and fall, the victim likely has grounds to file a personal injury claim under California’s premises liability statutes.

If you or a loved one are struggling in the aftermath of a slip and fall injury and believe a negligent property owner is to blame, you need to consult an experienced Fullerton slip and fall attorney as soon as possible to determine your best legal options.

Why You Need a Fullerton Slip and Fall Lawyer

You might think that if fault for your recent slip and fall injury is perfectly clear, you would have little trouble handling your own personal injury claim against the party responsible for it. However, the average person would face many challenges and risks if they attempted to handle a personal injury claim entirely on their own in Fullerton, CA.

Rather than trying to handle your case on your own and risking your recovery on a technicality, it’s best to have an experienced Fullerton slip and fall attorney represent your case and help you secure the compensation you deserve. Chris and Frank strive to maximize our client’s recovery in every case we accept. We will thoroughly investigate the details of your case and help you assess every potential channel of recovery available to you to maximize your case award.

Slip and Fall Attorneys

How Do Slip and Fall Injuries Happen?

Property owners have a legal duty to address known safety hazards on their properties as soon as they become aware of these problems. At the very least, the property owner must place a clearly visible warning near the hazard or verbally warn lawful guests of the known hazard if they are likely to encounter it while visiting the property.

Some of the most common causes of slip and fall injuries that lead to premises liability claims include:

  • Damaged floorboards and other tripping hazards
  • Broken staircases and handrails
  • Unmarked wet floors
  • Electrical hazards
  • Damaged light fixtures

Any of these issues can easily result in a serious slip and fall injury. When such incidents occur, victims may sustain broken bones, facial injuries, internal organ damage, and traumatic brain injuries. Depending on the location and height of the slip and fall, the victim could suffer life-threatening injuries that demand immediate emergency medical attention.

Damages and Compensation for a Slip and Fall

Your Fullerton slip and fall lawyer will help you prove the property owner’s liability for your damages, but you must then go on to prove the full extent of those damages. Additionally, you must also prove your claimed damages are the direct result of the property owner’s negligence and not some other cause. Economic damages available in most slip and fall injury claims include:

  • Medical treatment costs. The victim is likely to require extensive medical care for a severe slip and fall injury. Their medical costs may entail not only immediate medical expenses like ambulance fees and hospital bills but also any ongoing treatment costs they incur for physical therapy, rehabilitation, and other continuing care.
  • Lost income. A slip and fall injury could leave the victim unable to work until they recover. The defendant would be liable for the income they lose during this time, and this extends to lost future earning capacity if the victim is unable to return to work due to the severity of their injury.
  • Property damage. Economic damages can be claimed in the event the slip and fall also resulted in damage to the plaintiff’s personal property.

Beyond these economic damages, plaintiffs in slip and fall injury cases also have the right to seek compensation for their pain and suffering. There is no limit to the amount a plaintiff may claim in pain and suffering, and their attorney will likely help them determine an appropriate figure based on the severity of their injuries, the long-term complications they face, and the complexity of the medical care they require.

FAQs About Fullerton, CA Premises Liability Law

What Is a Reasonable Settlement Offer for a Slip and Fall Case?

A swift settlement is the most preferable outcome to most personal injury cases, and your Fullerton slip and fall lawyer will help you verify that the defendant’s settlement offer is suitable for your damages. Every case is unique, and it’s vital to avoid agreeing to the first settlement offer you receive unless your attorney informs you that it’s likely the best you can expect.

How Long Will My Fall Accident Case Take to Resolve?

If the defendant’s liability for your slip and fall is clear and they agree to a settlement, the case may only take a few weeks to conclude. However, if a defendant denies liability, contests the scope of the damages sought by the plaintiff, or if settlement negotiations fail for any other reason, the case may proceed to a trial and take much longer to resolve.

What If I’m Partially at Fault for the Slip and Fall?

In the event a plaintiff bears partial responsibility for causing their damages, California’s pure comparative negligence law states they may still recover compensation. However, they will lose a percentage of their case award equal to their percentage of fault for causing the incident in question.

How Much Will My Slip and Fall Accident Attorney Cost?

It’s natural to worry about legal fees after a serious injury, but Chris and Frank make our billing policy simple and accessible to those who need our legal counsel the most. You pay nothing upfront for our representation and only owe legal fees once we win your case. Your fee is a percentage of the final case award, ensuring you receive appropriate compensation for your damages.

If you’re ready to discuss your claim with an experienced Fullerton slip and fall lawyer, contact Chris and Frank today to schedule your free consultation.

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