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Navigating a personal injury case can be stressful and confusing without an attorney. Legal counsel is invaluable whenever another party has caused a physical injury, illness, or economic loss to you or your family. For example, when you or a loved one has suffered injuries from a dog attack in Garden Grove, state law is quite clear regarding liability for this type of incident. However, navigating the case proceedings necessary for obtaining compensation for your damages will be much easier when you have legal representation you can trust.

Legal Counsel for Garden Grove, CA, Dog Bite Claims

Chris and Frank Accident Attorneys has a team of experienced Garden Grove, CA, personal injury attorneys with years of experience handling dog attack claims. We know how traumatic and damaging these incidents are for victims and their families. Dog attacks commonly result in catastrophic injuries that entail permanent scarring and/or disabilities. When you have suffered extreme damage from another person’s dog, our team can assist you in holding the dog owner accountable.

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Why You Need a Garden Grove Dog Bite Attorney

Liability for the recent dog attack injuries you suffered may seem clear, and you may have more than enough evidence to hold the dog’s owner accountable for the damages their pet caused. However, the actual legal mechanisms you must navigate to recover from your experience as fully as possible are more challenging than you may expect. Working with an experienced Garden Grove dog bite attorney is the best strategy for anyone in this situation. Our team has extensive professional resources and experience we can leverage on behalf of your dog bite injury claim.

If you tried to handle a personal injury claim without legal counsel, you would be compelled to meet rigid court filing deadlines and other procedural steps to proceed with your claim. These obligations may seem straightforward initially, but managing them while recovering from your injuries would be very challenging. Working with an experienced Garden Grove dog bite attorney means you can focus on your medical needs and recovery while your legal team handles your civil case proceedings.

Chris and Frank Accident Attorneys will help you build your dog bite injury claim against the owner of the dog that injured you. Our team will verify that your case meets California’s strict liability requirements regarding dog bite injury claims. We’ll also help you ascertain the total potential value of the damages you can seek from the defendant.

California Statutes for Dog Bite Injury Claims

One of your most critical concerns in any personal injury claim is establishing liability for the damages in question. Regarding injuries sustained from another person’s dog, California upholds a strict liability statute. This means the dog’s owner is fully liable for all damages the pet caused the victim. However, there are two main prerequisites that the case must satisfy for the strict liability rule to apply.

First, the victim must not have provoked the dog to attack. While some dogs may bite when they perceive an innocuous movement as a threat, this is very different from a dog defending itself or its owner from a clear threat. If the victim of the dog attack in question initiated a conflict with the dog owner, attacked the dog, or otherwise provoked the dog to attack, the strict liability rule may not apply.

Second, the victim must have been legally present wherever the attack occurred. This means the dog attack must have happened on public property, such as a sidewalk, in a public park, or private property, and the victim had the property owner’s permission to enter the property. Again, your Garden Grove dog bite attorney can help secure any evidence you may need to ensure your claim meets California’s strict liability statute.

Commonly Reported Injuries and Damages in Dog Attack Claims

When most people think of “dog attacks,” they imagine bites. Of course, any dog is capable of inflicting a painful bite, but large dogs and breeds with powerful jaws can inflict crushing damage when they bite. Additionally, dogs can easily inflict many other types of injuries, from lacerations to traumatic brain injuries, from knocking victims to the ground. Some of the most commonly cited injuries from dog attacks in California include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries, many of which are difficult to treat and impose long-term medical complications on victims. A dog could knock a person to the ground, causing them to hit their head, or the dog may bite and cause injuries to the victim’s head and face.
  • Broken bones. A fall from a dog attack can easily lead to painful bone fractures. Some of these injuries will require surgery to heal, and many will entail long-term medical complications.
  • Crushing injuries and nerve damage. A severe bite to the hands, arms, legs, or feet can potentially crush bones, cause severe bleeding, and damage nerve endings in the affected area. These injuries have a high potential of causing chronic pain and other long-lasting symptoms following initial recovery.
  • Psychological trauma. Even when a dog attack results in injuries that eventually heal, the experience is terrifying and traumatic for the victim. Many victims of dog attacks develop anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and other mental health disturbances following these incidents.

A dog attack can result in multiple injuries, and the victim could face an uncertain future regarding their long-term medical needs. California’s strict liability statute upholds that if the case meets the state’s prerequisites for strict liability, the dog’s owner is liable for the victim’s medical expenses, long-term medical treatment costs, and a host of other damages.

Your Garden Grove dog bite attorney will be essential for holding the defendant fully accountable for the losses you sustained from the dog attack. In addition, they can help you calculate the full range of your claimable economic damages, which are likely to include medical expenses, lost income, and any property damages you incurred.

When you have suffered a traumatic injury in a dog attack, you could be unable to work until you recover. This blow to your income and the cost of treating your injuries can quickly create a desperate financial situation for you and your family. Instead of weathering this challenging situation on your own and risking your recovery, connect with a Garden Grove dog bite attorney you can trust to handle your case efficiently.

Compensation for a Dog Bite Injury Claim

If another person’s dog injured you while you were lawfully present at the location of the attack, and you did nothing to intentionally provoke the dog or act in an aggressive manner toward its owner, you likely have the right to file a civil claim against the dog’s owner under the strict liability statute. The personal injury laws of California enable you to seek full compensation for all immediate and future economic losses resulting from the incident in question. However, you also have the right to hold the defendant accountable for the pain and suffering you experienced.

This may sound difficult to quantify, but your Garden Grove dog bite attorney can help you calculate a reasonable amount of pain and suffering to include in your claim based on your total economic damages. Attorneys typically multiply their clients’ claimed economic losses by a factor of usually one to five to reflect the severity of their experiences. Therefore, any plaintiff who sustains permanent damage and a diminished quality of life from a dog attack will likely recover substantial pain and suffering compensation.

What to Expect From Garden Grove Dog Bite Attorneys

Choosing the right attorney to handle your dog bite injury claim is one of the most important legal decisions you must make to ensure recovery from your losses. The right attorney can handle your case’s procedural requirements to ensure it unfolds unimpeded by administrative delays in the court system. In addition, your attorney can help you gather any evidence you need to prove that your case fulfills the strict liability requirements set forth by state law.

If the defendant disputes their liability or contests the extent of damages sought in your civil suit, settlement may not be possible. Therefore, when you choose Chris and Frank Accident Attorneys to handle your dog bite injury claim, we will strive to quickly compile a compelling case that encourages the defendant to seek a swift settlement to resolve the issue. However, if litigation is necessary, we can represent you in all your courtroom proceedings until you reach a final result.

Our firm offers contingency fee billing to our personal injury clients, meaning there are no upfront costs for our representation. It’s natural to be worried about the cost of hiring an attorney when you must pursue a civil claim for a dog attack. Our firm only accepts a legal fee once we have won your case, and the contingency fee is a percentage of the final case award. This ensures our client obtains a suitable recovery and there are no ongoing legal fees as your case unfolds. Many victims of dog attacks in southern California are unaware of the full scope of their legal rights until they secure legal representation.

Dog Bite Personal Injury Case FAQs

Q: How Much Compensation Can I Receive for a Dog Bite Injury?

A: The potential value of any personal injury claim hinges on the economic impact of the defendant’s actions and the severity of the plaintiff’s condition following their accident. California law enables the plaintiff of a personal injury case to seek full compensation for all economic losses a defendant caused and reasonable compensation for their pain and suffering. Your Garden Grove dog bite attorney can provide an estimate of the full potential value of your case.

Q: What Happens If the Defendant Claims I Caused the Dog to Attack?

A: California’s strict liability rule does not apply when the dog attack victim initiated the conflict by assaulting the dog or the dog’s owner. Dogs are loyal to their owners and, in most cases, will defend them if they feel threatened. The most commonly asserted defenses by defendants in dog bite injury cases are intentional provocation and trespassing. The strict liability rule does not apply if a dog injures an intruder or trespasser on its owner’s private property.

Q: What Happens If My Dog Bites Another Person’s Dog?

A: When the actions of another party harm your pet, this can constitute grounds for a civil suit for damages. Similarly, the strict liability rule would apply when your dog has injured someone else’s dog. If you have any questions about whether the owner of a dog that your dog injured can file a claim against you for their pet’s injuries, it’s vital to consult a Garden Grove dog bite attorney as soon as possible.

Q: How Long Will a Dog Bite Injury Case Take to Resolve?

A: If liability for your recent dog attack is clear, securing compensation for your damages may only take a few weeks with a reliable attorney handling your case. However, if liability is contested or the defendant refuses to settle the claim, you need legal representation capable of defending you in court. When a dog bite injury claim proceeds to litigation, it may take several months to resolve.

Q: Is It Worth Hiring a Garden Grove Dog Bite Lawyer?

A: Hiring reliable and experienced legal counsel to assist you with your dog bite injury claim significantly improves your chances of success with the claim. Your legal team can help you gather the evidence needed to prove liability and establish the scope of your damages. As a result, you will most likely maximize your recovery to the fullest extent possible with the help of a Garden Grove dog bite attorney you can trust.

Chris and Frank Accident Attorneys know how damaging and traumatic a dog attack can be, and we know the legal questions that a victim is likely to have in the aftermath of their experience. We can help you understand your options for legal recourse and take full advantage of them to maximize your final recovery. If you are ready to discuss your legal options with a Garden Grove dog bite attorney, contact us today and schedule your consultation with our team.

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