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Every day, thousands of injuries occur throughout California in various settings. Some of the most commonly reported injuries pertain to slip-and-fall incidents, and navigating the legal aftermath of these incidents can be very challenging. If you believe a property owner bears liability for the damages you recently sustained in a slip-and-fall incident, you need legal counsel you can trust to guide you through your case proceedings.

Representing Victims of Slip-and-Fall Injuries in Garden Grove, CA

Navigating any personal injury claim is challenging, and slip-and-fall injury cases pertain to a specific area of civil law known as “premises liability.” While similar to other types of personal injury claims in many ways, unique statutes apply specifically to the legal responsibilities of private property owners in California. Therefore, an experienced Garden Grove slip-and-fall attorney is an invaluable asset when you must prove that a property owner failed to uphold those responsibilities.

The Chris and Frank Accident Attorneys’ team has years of experience handling Garden Grove personal injury claims, including premises liability and negligent property owners. We know the challenges and uncertainties facing victims of slip-and-fall incidents and want to provide reassurance during a difficult time. If you believe a negligent property owner is responsible for your recent slip-and-fall injury, we can help you hold them accountable.

Slip and Fall Attorneys

Benefits of Legal Representation After a Slip and Fall

Whenever another party bears fault for the painful injuries and economic losses you recently experienced, California law upholds that you have the right to seek accountability for their actions. Personal injury claims pertain to acts of negligence or intentional misconduct that result in harm to others. Premises liability claims revolve around injuries caused by negligent property owners.

You may think that liability for your recent slip and fall is perfectly clear, but there are many defenses a property owner might assert to avoid liability. Your case could also involve more complexities than you initially realize. Additionally, you may be unable to accurately calculate the full scope of your claimable damages without an attorney’s assistance.

Ultimately, hiring an experienced Garden Grove slip-and-fall attorney offers two major advantages in your situation. First, you will have a much greater chance of succeeding with your recovery efforts, no matter what they entail. Second, you will be more likely to maximize each of those recovery efforts. The Chris and Frank Accident Attorneys team believes in individualized representation, so we take time to get to know every client to provide truly individualized legal counsel in every case we accept. Our goal is to help you confidently approach your premises liability claim and maximize your final case award.

Establishing Fault in a California Premises Liability Claim

Every property owner in California owes a duty of care to two types of visitors. These include those with the property owner’s express or implied permission to enter the property for personal reasons, such as friends, relatives, and neighbors, and those with implied or express permission to enter the property for their own purposes, such as utility workers and mail carriers. Property owners do not owe any duty of care to intruders or trespassers in California.

If there is any concern as to the lawfulness of the victim’s presence on the defendant’s property, this largely hinges on the relationship between the defendant and the plaintiff. As long as the plaintiff can prove they had permission to be on the property where the incident occurred, the property owner’s duty of care applies. The “duty of care” in a premises liability suit is the property owner’s responsibility to maintain a reasonably safe premises for lawful visitors.

When a property owner notices any safety hazard on their property, they must address it in one of a few possible ways to avoid liability for a slip-and-fall injury claim. First, they can address the problem immediately, removing the safety issue and ensuring it cannot harm visitors. Alternatively, they can post some type of warning sign or other clear indication of the hazard. They may also verbally warn visitors of the hazard if they are likely to encounter it while visiting the property.

If the property owner fails to take such measures, or if they attempt to fix a problem haphazardly and a visitor sustains an injury, the property owner is liable for the victim’s damages. Slip-and-fall injury claims are some of the most commonly filed premises liability suits in California, and these cases often entail painful injuries and extensive damages.

Damages and Compensation for a Slip and Fall

A premises liability claim is a type of personal injury claim, and California’s personal injury laws are quite flexible regarding the damages a plaintiff can seek from a defendant. Your Garden Grove slip-and-fall attorney will be a critical asset for gathering the evidence for establishing liability, but you will also need their assistance to prove the full extent of your damages. California law enables a personal injury plaintiff to seek full repayment of all the economic losses a defendant caused. In a slip-and-fall injury claim, these are likely to include:

  • Medical treatment costs for the victim’s physical injuries. The defendant could be responsible for emergency treatment immediately following the incident and the plaintiff’s ongoing medical expenses if they sustained a severe injury.
  • Lost income. Any slip and fall can cause serious harm, and the plaintiff could be unable to work while they recover. Therefore, the defendant is liable for their lost income, and they also face responsibility for their lost earning capacity should the slip and fall result in a permanent disability.
  • Property losses. Personal injury plaintiffs have the right to seek repair and replacement costs if a defendant’s actions damage or destroy their property. For example, in a slip-and-fall injury claim, property damages may include expensive personal effects, smartphones, or any other belongings damaged in the fall.

Beyond these economic damages, plaintiffs in California personal injury claims can also seek compensation for the traumatic nature of their experiences and the pain they experience due to the negligence or misconduct of others. You can claim pain and suffering compensation in proportion to the severity of your injuries and the long-term effects you face. Your attorney will help you calculate a reasonable figure, usually multiplying the client’s total economic losses by a factor of up to five to reflect the scope and severity of their experiences. The sooner you connect with a Garden Grove slip-and-fall attorney you can trust, the better your chances are of maximizing the final case award you obtain.

Garden Grove Personal Injury FAQs

Q: What Should You Do First After a Slip and Fall Personal Injury?

A: Your medical needs should be your primary concern after any type of injury. If you can do so safely after a slip and fall, you should try to document what you can from the scene of the incident. Photos of the hazard that caused your fall and photos of your injuries can both be very beneficial to your subsequent recovery efforts. Once you have addressed your immediate medical concerns, you should speak with an experienced Garden Grove slip-and-fall attorney as soon as possible.

Q: Who Is Responsible for a Slip on a Wet Floor?

A: If you sustained a slip-and-fall injury due to an unmarked wet floor on a commercial property, the property owner likely bears fault for the incident. Similarly, if you visit a private residence and suffer an injury from a wet floor, the property owner would be liable if they neglected to warn you of the hazard. Your attorney can help you determine liability for the slip-and-fall injury you recently suffered.

Q: How Much Is My Slip-and-Fall Injury Claim Worth?

A: The average person may be able to calculate immediately noticeable damages after a personal injury, such as the cost of their medical treatment, lost wages while they recover, and any property losses they sustained in the event. However, a Garden Grove slip-and-fall attorney can reveal further avenues of compensation, such as coverage for long-term medical treatment costs and lost earning capacity if the victim can’t resume their previous job. An experienced attorney can give you an estimate of the total potential value of your claim.

Q: Why Should I Hire a Garden Grove Slip-and-Fall Lawyer?

A: Even if liability for your recent slip-and-fall injury seems clear, the legal mechanisms you must navigate to hold the defendant accountable for your damages are likely to be more complex than you initially expected. The right attorney can make it easier to win your case and increase the final case award you obtain. It is always worth investing in legal counsel you can trust.

The team at Chris and Frank Accident Attorneys has helped many past clients recover compensation for all types of slip-and-fall injury claims. Whether you must file a claim against a residential property owner or a business owner in response to your slip-and-fall injury, we can guide you through the complex legal proceedings you face until you reach a suitable resolution to your injury claim. If you are ready to discuss a premises liability claim with a Garden Grove slip-and-fall attorney you can trust, contact Chris and Frank Accident Attorneys to schedule your consultation with our team.

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