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How Are Traffic Laws Of California Protecting Its Everyday Drivers?

by | Jul 13, 2015 | Auto Accidents

The state of California has enacted various traffic laws with the principal aim of ensuring that everyday drivers are protected. Car accidents can happen at any time and to any individual. It is, therefore, prudent to seek the services of a personal injury attorney in California to receive sufficient information on what to do in the event such information is required.

The most prominent legal enactment in this regard is the Drivers Protection Act that was originally passed in the year 1994. This was influenced by the need to protect the privacy of information that has been collected concerning drivers.

The traffic laws have been structured in such a manner that the negligent act or omissions of other road users and which may lead to the incurring of injuries or in other case may be fatal have a redress mechanism for the everyday drivers.

On a daily basis, the drivers are exposed to hazards that may be out of their control and thus may need to be afforded protection. Some of the categories under which the laws afford protection include:

  • In areas that have been classified as having considerably higher chances of having high collisions.
  • Developing the ability as well as the willingness to provide necessary information that may be used by the drivers as an when they need it and especially as it relates to the criminal justice system.
  • The introduction of a policing system that has been structured to foster collaboration and coordination of the legal enforcement agencies that are involved in issues that deal with the everyday drivers.
  • The criminal justice system has also put in place adequate measures to ensure that the drivers who are at fault are subjected to a fair and just process. Particularly in the allocation of damages to the victims.
  • Providing for the guidelines that are to be followed in the event that the driver has been injured. This is inclusive of damages that are to be afforded to the next of kin and other dependents in the case of death.


While the traffic laws in California have been criticized by some quarters as lacking inadequacy, it is worth noting and lauding that most of the provisions have been made with the best interest of the everyday drivers in mind.

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