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If I was Involved In a Boating Accident in Orange County, Would I Need An Attorney?

by | May 19, 2015 | Boat Accidents

Hiring an attorney is a good idea following a boating accident in California, especially if injuries resulted. If damages are relatively significant, such as medical bills, pain and suffering and lost wages, anyone who has been injured in this type of accident should consider consulting a lawyer. Insurance companies are likely to try to get plaintiffs to take their first offer. An experienced attorney can fight for his client’s rights in and out of court and ensure fair compensation.

The first step in a personal injury boating case is determining liability or determining who was at fault for the accident. In some instances, this is simple to prove, such as cases involving citations for drinking or other boating violations, but other cases are more complicated. If needed, an attorney may hire experts to help explain how the accident occurred. Plaintiffs must prove fault before damages can be considered.

Attorneys can also help with the second step in a personal injury case, which is calculating and determining damages. Certain damages are easy to reduce to a particular amount, and these are known as economic damages or special damages. Examples include property damage, such as how much it will cost to repair the boat, repair or replacement costs of items that were damaged or lost during the incident, medical bills and lost wages due to injuries suffered in the accident.

Other types of losses are not as easy to calculate, and these are known as non-economic damages and are also called general damages. The most common non-economic damages are pain and suffering, and other examples are loss of quality of life, loss of earning potential and loss of companionship in a death case when a family member sues on behalf of their lost loved one. These types of losses can be difficult to calculate. An experienced attorney can evaluate the case to ensure the plaintiff receives adequate compensation for these losses.

An attorney can also help find coverage for damages. An attorney can assist in determining which defendants are the proper ones to sue. Attorneys can also decipher complicated insurance policies, which may be written with much legal jargon, to determine whether or not coverage is available.

Hiring an Orange County personal injury attorney can take a lot of the mystery and headache out of setting a boating accident case. If you or someone you know has been injured in a boating accident should consider consulting an experienced personal injury lawyer immediately.

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