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Bicycles are popular in Irvine, CA, and throughout Southern California. Some ride for exercise, others enjoy getting outdoors on their bikes, and some use bicycles as alternative transportation. Unfortunately, while bicycles offer health benefits, convenience, and minimal environmental harm, they are also inherently dangerous in some situations. While cyclists have the right to use the roads like other drivers in most parts of the Irvine area, riding a bicycle in and around traffic can potentially result in a devastating accident.

Legal Counsel for an Irvine, CA, Bicycle Accident Case

Many bicyclists are fortunate to ride and enjoy their bikes without issue, but when bicycle accidents happen, victims need legal counsel they can trust to help them recover their damages. These incidents often result in traumatic injuries, many of which cause permanent harm. Victims face not only the pain of recovery and potential long-term disabilities but also economic strain from the cost of their medical care and the inability to work during recovery.

Chris and Frank Accident Attorneys can provide the comprehensive legal representation you need when you must find an Irvine bicycle accident attorney to represent you. Our firm has extensive professional experience handling a wide range of difficult personal injury claims, including those pertaining to bicycle accidents. We understand the challenges many bicycle accident victims face as they work toward obtaining compensation for their damages.

If you or someone you love recently experienced a bicycle accident someone else caused, it’s vital to speak with an Irvine bicycle accident lawyer as soon as possible. The sooner you connect with an attorney, the more likely you will successfully obtain compensation for your losses. Chris and Frank Accident Attorneys has a team of experienced Irvine, CA, personal injury attorneys, and our firm has the experience and professional resources you need on your side in a difficult personal injury claim for a bicycle accident.

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Why You Need an Irvine, California Bike Accident Attorney

It is technically possible for the victim of a personal injury to file a civil claim on their own without legal representation. Therefore, there isn’t a formal requirement to hire an attorney if you intend to pursue a personal injury claim for your recent bicycle accident. However, you are far more likely to succeed with your case if you have the help of an experienced lawyer on your side. Experienced legal counsel is an invaluable asset no matter what your bicycle accident case entails.

An experienced Irvine bicycle accident lawyer can help you meet all of your case’s procedural requirements with the court. This allows you to rest and focus on your recovery while your legal counsel handles all your case proceedings. In addition, you will not miss any court filing deadlines or face any other administrative delays with an experienced Irvine bicycle accident lawyer handling your case.

Ultimately, you significantly increase your chances of success with any personal injury claim when you have experienced legal counsel advising you. The right attorney can be a tremendous asset in any personal injury case, revealing opportunities their client may not have identified on their own and the potential to recover a more expansive case award than the client may have realized they can claim. Chris and Frank Accident Attorneys strives to help every client we represent maximize their compensation to the fullest extent possible under California state law.

Benefits of Legal Representation in Your Bicycle Accident Claim

The primary benefit of hiring legal counsel for your bicycle accident claim in Irvine is peace of mind throughout your case. If you have any initial concerns or do not understand any aspects of your case, your Irvine bicycle accident lawyer can clarify these issues so you can approach the situation with confidence. In addition, your legal representatives will help you gather the evidence needed to establish liability for your damages and then assist you in proving the full scope of those damages.

Experienced legal counsel can help you take full advantage of the unique details of your case, and they can also provide valuable legal services that a client could not secure on their own. For example, if there are any disputes about how your bicycle accident happened, your Irvine bicycle accident lawyer can consult an accident reconstruction expert who could testify as an expert witness in support of your case.

When you have legal counsel you can trust from an experienced Irvine bicycle accident attorney, you can approach your case with clarity and peace of mind and will be more likely to maximize your final recovery. If you or a loved one is recovering from a bicycle accident someone else caused, you should reach out to an experienced Irvine bicycle accident lawyer as soon as you have addressed your immediate medical concerns.

Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents in California

If you intend to file a personal injury claim for your recent bicycle accident, you must be prepared to prove exactly how the accident happened and identify who is responsible. Some of the most commonly reported causes of bicycle accidents in the Irvine, CA, area each year are:

  • Distracted driving, which is the leading cause of all vehicle accidents in the country each year. A few seconds of distracted driving can cause a devastating accident, especially when a bicyclist is involved. Bicycles are smaller and harder to notice than passenger vehicles, leaving cyclists especially vulnerable to injuries from distracted drivers.
  • Driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs or alcohol. Intoxication behind the wheel is illegal and dangerous. Impaired drivers have reduced reaction time, diminished spatial awareness, and are prone to make risky decisions behind the wheel. Any driver who causes a bicycle accident because of DUI faces criminal prosecution and civil liability for victims’ damages.
  • Speeding, which greatly reduces the time a driver has to react to sudden changes in the road. Accidents that happen at high speeds are likely to result in catastrophic injuries.
  • Moving violations, such as running red lights and stop signs or performing illegal turns. These actions disrupt traffic and can easily result in injuries to nearby cyclists.
  • “Dooring” incidents, in which drivers parked along a road open their doors in front of passing cyclists. These incidents can easily result in severe injuries.

If you think another party bears direct responsibility for causing your recent bicycle accident in the Irvine, CA, area, you must speak with an experienced Irvine bicycle accident lawyer as soon as possible.

Proving Fault for Your Recent Bicycle Accident

Establishing liability for a personal injury in California requires proving a few basic facts about an injury. First, the plaintiff must identify the party or parties they believe to be responsible for causing their accident. Next, the plaintiff must provide a complete list of all the damages for which they seek compensation. Finally, the plaintiff must also prove their claimed damages directly resulted from the defendant’s actions and not some other cause.

Your Irvine bicycle accident lawyer will be an invaluable asset in proving fault for your recent accident. They can obtain traffic camera footage, vehicle computer data, cell phone records, and other digital evidence to support your case. They may also seek to obtain statements from eyewitnesses who saw your accident happen. In addition, Chris and Frank Accident Attorneys will thoroughly review the police report from your bicycle accident, assess the scope of your injuries, and help you build the foundation of your personal injury claim with ongoing support throughout your proceedings.

It is important to note that determining liability for your damages is essential in any personal injury claim. However, a defendant can assert that a plaintiff bears comparative fault for their claimed damages. California enforces a pure comparative negligence statute, meaning plaintiffs bearing partial responsibility for their claimed damages can still recover compensation for their losses, but they lose some of their case award to reflect their shared fault.

Comparative fault is likely to come into play when a plaintiff has displayed any level of negligence that contributes to causing their claimed damages. Once the judge has assigned a fault percentage to the plaintiff, they lose that percentage of their case award. For example, if a judge decides that a plaintiff in a bicycle accident case bears 10% fault in a $100,000 claim, the plaintiff will lose 10% of their case award, receiving $90,000 instead.

Damages and Compensation in an Irvine Bicycle Accident Claim

After your Irvine bicycle accident lawyer has helped you prove fault for your bicycle accident and resolved any issues pertaining to alleged comparative negligence, the next phase of your case is recovering compensation for your losses. California’s personal injury laws allow the victim of a bicycle accident to seek full compensation for all economic damages they sustained because of a defendant’s negligence. These economic damages usually include:

  • Medical expenses. The plaintiff has the right to hold a defendant accountable for all medical treatment costs they incur from their bicycle accident. When a bicycle accident results in catastrophic injuries, the victim will likely face expensive initial emergency treatment followed by ongoing care until they reach maximum medical improvement.
  • Lost income. The victim of a bicycle accident may not be able to work until they recover, or they could be left unable to work because of the severity of their injuries. In a bicycle accident case, the defendant potentially faces liability for both lost income and earning capacity.
  • Property damage. The plaintiff in a bicycle accident claim can seek compensation for the cost of replacing their bike and any other personal property lost in the accident.

While the total economic impact of a bicycle accident can be extensive, the bulk of the plaintiff’s recovery is likely to consist of their pain and suffering compensation. California state law allows the victim of a personal injury to seek financial compensation for their physical pain and psychological distress following a personal injury.

When it comes to non-economic damages in your personal injury claim, it can seem difficult to prove the full impact of a bicycle accident when you cannot objectively report things like physical pain or emotional distress. There isn’t a limit to the amount a plaintiff can seek in pain and suffering compensation in their bicycle accident claim, but the amount sought should reasonably reflect the severity of the plaintiff’s condition.

Your Irvine bicycle accident attorney can help you calculate a reasonable amount of pain and suffering compensation to seek in your claim based on whether you are expected to fully recover from your injuries and the long-term and permanent effects of your accident. For example, if your bicycle accident resulted in a permanent disability, permanent disfigurement, or lost the ability to work and live independently, you can potentially seek several times more in pain and suffering compensation than the total amount of your claimed economic damages.

What to Expect From Your Irvine Bicycle Accident Lawyer

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the difficult legal proceedings ahead of you when you must pursue a personal injury claim for a bicycle accident someone else caused. Working with an experienced Irvine bicycle accident lawyer lets you approach this situation with peace of mind and clarity. You will not have to worry about any procedural issues interfering with your case, and your legal counsel will ensure you meet all applicable filing deadlines with the court.

When proving fault for your damages, your attorney can uncover all the evidence you need to support your case. They can also assist in securing the documentation needed to establish the full scope of your economic damages and the non-economic impact of your experience. Most personal injury claims in California end in a private settlement, and your attorney will ensure the defendant’s settlement offer is appropriate for your circumstances. If settlement fails, you can rely on Chris and Frank Accident Attorneys to provide comprehensive litigation support as your case unfolds through the Irvine civil court system.

Every bicycle accident claim is unique, and your attorney will highlight any challenges or opportunities likely to influence the outcome of your case. For example, if the defendant contests liability or disputes the range of damages you have included in your suit, your attorney can justify your position by effectively leveraging evidence and witness testimony or even by consulting expert witnesses who can support your case. When you choose Chris and Frank Accident Attorneys to represent you in your bicycle accident claim in Irvine, you will have the legal support you need to secure the best possible result from your case.

FAQs About Irvine, CA Bike Accidents Law

Is a Driver Always Responsible for an Accident With a Bicyclist?

Whenever a motor vehicle driver hits a bicyclist, it is very likely for the driver to bear a greater level of fault for the incident than the cyclist. However, bicyclists have most of the same rights and responsibilities as motor vehicle drivers in California. Therefore, if the bicyclist contributed to causing their injuries in any way, they might face comparative fault and lose a percentage of their case award from a personal injury claim.

What Happens If a Bicycle Defect Causes an Accident?

If any consumer product results in an injury to the end user, the manufacturer could face a product liability claim if the product is found to be defective or unreasonably dangerous. If you believe your bike’s defect is responsible for your recent accident, you will need the help of an attorney experienced with product liability cases.

How Long Will My Bicycle Accident Claim Take to Resolve?

The timetable your personal injury claim will follow hinges on various factors, including the severity of your injuries and the clear liability for the incident in question. An experienced Irvine bicycle accident lawyer will help their client understand the unique aspects of their case and provide a reasonable estimate of the time their case is likely to require to complete.

Q: What Happens If a Bicyclist Dies From Their Accident?

If a driver causes a fatal bicycle accident, they face liability for a wrongful death claim from the victim’s family. Wrongful death claims share many procedural similarities with personal injury cases with several notable differences. Therefore, if you must pursue a wrongful death claim in response to a fatal bicycle accident in Irvine, it is crucial to work with an attorney with solid experience handling wrongful death cases.

Is It Worth Hiring an Irvine Bicycle Accident Lawyer?

The right attorney can significantly impact the outcome of any personal injury claim. Your Irvine bicycle accident lawyer can help you prove fault for your accident and secure maximum compensation for your losses. The sooner you speak with an attorney after a personal injury, the more likely you will maximize your final recovery.

Chris and Frank Accident Attorneys understands that any personal injury has the potential to be a life-changing incident. It’s natural to have lots of legal questions in the aftermath of a bicycle accident someone else caused. Legal counsel you can trust is an invaluable asset in this situation. If you are ready to explore your options for legal recourse with the help of an experienced Irvine bicycle accident lawyer, contact Chris and Frank Accident Attorneys today to schedule your consultation with our team.

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