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Every day, thousands of people throughout California experience personal injuries. Some incidents result in minimal damages, and victims can bounce back relatively quickly, but other personal injuries have devastating results. Car accidents, catastrophic injuries, animal attacks, and slip and fall incidents are just a few examples of potentially life-changing personal injuries that might occur in Irvine, CA.

Representing Irvine, CA, Personal Injury Cases

A personal injury has the potential to completely disrupt your life in many ways, and it’s natural to feel uncertain and frustrated when it comes to addressing damages that someone else caused. Chris and Frank’s team of experienced Irvine personal injury attorneys can assist your recovery. We have successfully represented many past clients in the Irvine area in a wide range of personal injury cases, and we can apply this experience to your situation.

Why Do I Need an Irvine Personal Injury Lawyer?

If another party is responsible for your recent personal injury, you may wonder why you would need to hire an attorney to hold them responsible for your losses. Unfortunately, the reality is that no matter how simple your claim may seem, navigating the procedural requirements of your case is more complex than you might expect. The average person is vulnerable to making critical errors that may jeopardize their ability to recover.

If you were to attempt handling your case without an attorney, you would need to meet all of the court’s procedural requirements while managing your recovery and household obligations. This would be incredibly challenging and risky. However, working with an experienced Irvine personal injury attorney would allow you to recover with peace of mind knowing your case is in trustworthy hands. Additionally, an experienced legal team is likely to maximize your compensation by exploring avenues of recovery you may have overlooked on your own.

Irvine Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal Injury Claims We Handle

When you need legal representation, it’s vital to find an attorney with solid experience handling cases similar to yours. Chris and Frank have years of experience handling a wide range of personal injury cases, including:

  • Motor vehicle accident claims. California requires all drivers to carry auto insurance, but an at-fault driver’s auto insurance policy may not fully cover your losses from a severe accident. Our team will help you explore all of your recovery options after another driver has injured you.
  • Dog attacks. If someone else’s dog injured you in Irvine, California’s strict liability rule upholds that the dog owner is liable for all your resulting damages.
  • Slip and fall injuries. If you were injured on someone else’s property due to their failure to address a foreseeable safety issue, you might have grounds to file a premises liability claim to hold the property owner responsible for your slip and fall damages.
  • Catastrophic injuries. Some personal injuries like traumatic brain injuries and spinal injuries are catastrophic, resulting in life-changing complications for the victim. If any other party caused a catastrophic injury to you or a loved one, Chris and Frank could help you hold them accountable.

The team at Chris and Frank has years of experience handling cases like these and many other types of personal injury claims. We believe in client-focused legal representation and take time to get to know every client we represent.

Damages and Compensation for Personal Injuries

California law allows the victim of a personal injury to seek compensation for any damages a defendant caused. Damages in personal injury claims fall into two categories: economic and non-economic. Economic damages are the measurable financial effects of a personal injury and are generally easy to calculate. These damages often include medical expenses, lost income, and property losses. Non-economic damages are more challenging and seek to compensate for the victim’s physical pain and psychological distress.

Your Irvine personal injury attorney can help you determine a fair amount of non-economic damages to include in your claim based on the severity of your injury and whether you face long-term complications. In many cases, an attorney will multiply their client’s claimed medical expenses by a factor of two to five based on whether the client faces long-term or permanent damage from their personal injury.

FAQs About Irvine, CA Personal Injury Law

Is a Lawyer Worth it for a Personal Injury?

It’s natural to wonder whether hiring a lawyer is worth the investment. When you account for the fact that your attorney is more likely to maximize your recovery and obtain compensation on your behalf much faster than you could manage on your own, it should be easy to recognize the value an experienced Irvine personal injury attorney can provide to your situation.

How Much Do Irvine Personal Injury Lawyers Cost?

Most personal injury lawyers working in Irvine, California understand that the average person likely doesn’t have the financial flexibility to pay an attorney hourly when they are already struggling with their damages. The lawyers at Chris and Frank offer contingency fee billing, meaning the client pays nothing upfront for our legal services and only pays a percentage of their case award once we win their case.

Do Personal Injury Lawyers Always Win?

Some personal injury claims are more challenging to win than others. If a personal injury attorney offers contingency fee billing, they are only paid if they win. If an attorney who offers contingency fee billing is willing to take your case, this is a good indication that you are likely to succeed with your personal injury claim in Irvine, CA.

What Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Do?

You can rely on your Irvine personal injury attorney to help you gather evidence to prove a defendant’s liability for your damages. They will also assist you in calculating the full scope of your damages and prepare you for each stage of your proceedings. Working with an experienced Irvine personal injury attorney is the best option for streamlining your case proceedings and maximizing recovery.

If you have further questions about California’s personal injury laws specific to your recent personal injury, it’s vital to consult an experienced Irvine personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. The law firm Chris and Frank has the experience and resources you need to approach your case with confidence, so contact us today and schedule a free consultation to learn more about the legal services we provide.

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