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Unexpected injuries can occur in many ways, and sometimes these incidents happen because of negligence, carelessness, or intentional misconduct. For example, a slip and fall may sound like a minor incident, but the reality is that slip and fall injuries generate many personal injury claims in California each year, account for a large share of all missed days of work in California workplaces, and result in billions in economic losses for Californians every year.

Legal Counsel for Irvine, CA, Slip and Fall Accident Claims

When a slip and fall happens because a property owner failed to take appropriate care of their property, the victim has the right to pursue a personal injury claim against the property owner under California’s premises liability laws. It’s also possible to have multiple legal options for recovering compensation after a slip and fall injury at work in California. If you or someone you love recently suffered injuries in a slip and fall accident, an Irvine slip and fall attorney is the best resource to consult to determine whether you have grounds for legal action.

The right attorney will help you file your claim, uncover the evidence you need to prove liability for your damages, and assist you in calculating the full range of damages you can include in a personal injury suit. It’s understandable to have many legal questions after any personal injury in Irvine, especially when liability may not be immediately clear or when a property owner disputes liability for a slip and fall injury. Whatever your case entails, the right Irvine slip and fall lawyer is the ideal asset to have assisting you as you explore your options for legal recourse for a premises liability incident.

Slip and Fall Attorneys

Why You Need an Irvine Slip and Fall Attorney

Navigating any civil case without legal representation is very challenging. Meeting your case’s procedural requirements with the court while managing the aftermath of your injury would be risky, and you could make mistakes that lead to significant delays in your case proceedings. Moreover, even if you managed to win your case on your own, you may not be able to secure as much compensation as an attorney could obtain for you.

Working with an experienced Irvine slip and fall lawyer offers the best chance of success with your personal injury claim. Your legal team will help you understand the California premises liability statutes that apply to your slip and fall claim. They will also assist you in compiling the evidence you may require to prove fault for your damages, such as security camera footage from the premises in question, eyewitness testimony, or even professional insights from expert witnesses.

Ultimately, every slip and fall accident claim will involve unique details, and it’s essential to find a lawyer you can trust to meet the unique demands of your case. Chris and Frank Accident Attorneys takes a client-focused approach to personal injury representation. This means our team will take time to get to know you, learn the details of your recent slip and fall injury, and address the specific concerns you have about your case. We provide ongoing support and guidance as a case unfolds and aim for maximum compensation for every client we represent.

Potential Complications From a Slip and Fall Injuries

Some slip and fall accidents result in little more than minor scrapes and bruises. However, others are far more damaging, and some victims face long-term or permanent medical complications from their experiences. Some of the injuries that may result from a slip and fall incident in Irvine, CA, include:

  • Bone fractures, some of which may require surgical correction and placement of steel pins and plates. While some broken bones heal completely, others cause chronic pain and other disruptive ongoing symptoms to victims.
  • Internal injuries. A serious fall can result in damage to internal organs and internal bleeding. These injuries can be life-threatening without immediate medical attention, but some internal injuries do not manifest immediately recognizable symptoms. This is one reason it is vital for any slip and fall victim to seek medical attention promptly, even if they think their injuries are mild.
  • Traumatic brain injuries. A slip and fall can cause the victim to hit their head. They may strike a surface or object as they fall, or their head could collide with the ground. Any brain injury can easily result in extensive medical complications for the victim and a substantial economic impact on their family.
  • Soft tissue injuries. Sudden falls can easily damage muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Most soft tissue injuries are painful but heal with appropriate care and rest. However, severe soft tissue damage may require surgery to fix, and these injuries tend to cause chronic pain and other long-term symptoms.

A slip and fall victim can sustain multiple injuries, some of which could need extensive ongoing medical treatment and rehabilitation. In addition, some slip and fall injuries cause permanent harm, resulting in disabilities and ongoing medical complications for victims. Therefore, the first step in recovering from severe injuries through the civil claim process is identifying the party responsible for causing your damages.

Proving Fault for a Personal Injury in California

Your Irvine slip and fall attorney can assist you in gathering whatever evidence you may need to prove how your slip and fall accident happened. In California, the fault for a personal injury is established by identifying the defendant or defendants responsible for causing the incident in question. The plaintiff must then show that the defendant breached a duty of care held in the situation in question. When it comes to the premises liability laws of California, the plaintiff must prove that the property owner caused their slip and fall injury because of a failure to properly maintain their premises.

The term “foreseeability” comes into play often in premises liability disputes. A property owner breaches their duty of care to maintain their property if they allow a foreseeable safety issue to persist on their property. Once a property owner recognizes any safety hazard that may injure a guest or visitor, they have a duty of care to fix the problem or warn visitors about it if they are likely to encounter it while visiting the property.

Some of the most commonly cited safety hazards that lead to slip and fall injury claims against Irvine, CA, property owners include:

  • Wet floors. When business owners clean their floors, they must mark them accordingly so customers know the floors are slipping hazards.
  • Dangerous stairs. Property owners must ensure stairs are secure and that handrails are not loose. Falls down stairs are very likely to result in severe injuries.
  • Cluttered walkways and tripping hazards. Property owners have a responsibility to ensure that lawful visitors to their properties can navigate the premises safely.
  • Electrical hazards. If a property owner notices any electrical hazard, they have a legal duty to have a professional fix the problem as soon as possible.

To succeed with your case, you must prove the property owner knew or reasonably should have known about the hazard that caused your injury. You must then show proof of the damages resulting from your experience.

Damages and Compensation for Slip and Fall Accident Claims

California’s personal injury statutes allow the plaintiff in a slip and fall injury case to seek full repayment of all the economic losses they sustained from a personal injury. In addition, when a slip and fall incident results in traumatic physical injuries, the plaintiff has the right to seek compensation for:

  • Medical expenses, both immediately following their injury and those they anticipate facing in the future for healing from their injury and managing their symptoms. Some slip and fall incidents result in catastrophic injuries that leave victims permanently disabled and needing ongoing medical supervision.
  • Lost income. When the victim cannot work because of their injury, the defendant is responsible for their lost wages. If the victim develops a permanent disability and cannot return to work because of their injury, the defendant is responsible for their lost future earning potential.
  • Property damage. If a slip and fall damaged or destroyed any of the victim’s personal belongings, they could seek compensation for these losses as well.

California state law also allows the plaintiff in a personal injury claim to seek compensation for their pain and suffering. There isn’t a limit to the amount the plaintiff can claim, and an Irvine slip and fall lawyer will help their client calculate a reasonable figure based on the severity of their condition.

It may sound difficult to assign monetary values to physical pain and psychological distress. However, experienced attorneys can help their clients determine appropriate compensation based on whether their injuries will heal completely and whether they will likely face long-term or permanent damages from the incident. When the plaintiff’s doctor expects them to make a full recovery, their attorney may seek an ongoing pain and suffering settlement that awards compensation every day until the plaintiff reaches maximum medical recovery. If the plaintiff experienced any permanent loss of function or other long-term damages, their attorney would be more likely to seek a larger lump sum. For slip and fall injury victims who sustain permanent disabilities from their experiences, pain and suffering compensation can potentially form the bulk of their final case awards.

FAQs About Irvine, CA Premise Liability Laws

How Much Compensation Can I Receive for My Slip and Fall Claim in Irvine, CA?

The exact value of your personal injury claim hinges on many factors, including the severity of your injuries, the extent of the economic losses resulting from the incident, and the nature of the defendant’s actions. Your Irvine slip and fall attorney can estimate the total amount of damages you can obtain with your personal injury action.

When Should I Hire an Irvine Slip and Fall Lawyer?

It’s best to build a personal injury case as soon as possible after the injury occurs. Once you address your immediate medical needs following a slip and fall injury, you should immediately consult an experienced legal team. The sooner you hire legal counsel, the sooner your Irvine slip and fall attorney can start working on your case, and the better your chances of winning the compensation you need to recover.

What Happens If I’m Partially Responsible for a Slip and Fall?

California state law recognizes that plaintiffs often bear partial fault for the personal injuries they experience. The state’s pure comparative negligence statute applies to any case where the plaintiff is partially to blame for the slip and fall injury. The judge will assign a fault percentage to the plaintiff based on the severity of their conduct, and the plaintiff then loses this percentage of their final case award.

What Happens If a Slip and Fall Happens on a Rental Property?

A renter can suffer a slip and fall injury and may wonder whether the property owner is responsible for their damages. If the slip and fall happened because of a foreseeable safety issue the property owner did not address, and the victim did not cause the slip and fall from their own negligence, this incident would likely qualify as grounds for a premises liability claim against the property owner.

How Much Difference Does an Attorney Make in a Slip and Fall Injury Case?

It is always best to have legal representation you can trust for any civil claim in California. Your Irvine slip and fall lawyer can ensure your case meets all procedural requirements and proceeds unimpeded through the court system. In addition, your attorney can not only allow you to approach your case with greater confidence, but they may also uncover channels of compensation you may not have recognized on your own.

Chris and Frank Accident Attorneys offers compassionate and responsive legal counsel to victims of slip and fall injuries in Irvine, CA. We understand that you have many legal questions in this situation and need to act soon to ensure the best chances of recovering your losses. To discuss your case with an Irvine slip and fall attorney, contact Chris and Frank Accident Attorneys today and schedule your free consultation with our team.

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