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Buses are an essential part of the Orange County transportation system. Every day, thousands of people throughout the area use buses to get to and from school, work, and commerce centers in Orange County. While most buses offer safe and reliable transportation, bus accidents can and do happen. When these incidents occur, they often result in injuries to multiple people, including bus passengers and the other vehicles’ occupants. Unfortunately, bus accidents can be tremendously damaging and highly complex from a legal perspective. It’s often difficult to determine liability for these accidents, and injured victims may feel lost when determining how to recover their damages.

Representing Victims of Bus Accident Injuries in Orange County, CA

If you or someone you love recently suffered injuries in a bus crash in Orange County, you need legal representation you can trust to guide you through the complex legal proceedings ahead of you. The right attorney can not only help you accurately determine liability for your accident but also provide you with ongoing support and guidance as your case unfolds. The attorneys at Chris and Frank have years of experience representing Orange County clients in a wide range of personal injury claims. We can apply this experience and our professional legal resources to your case.

Why Do I Need a Bus Accident Attorney?

It’s natural to have doubts and concerns about any personal injury claim, especially one as potentially damaging as a bus accident case. Many people in this situation experience significant immediate losses in medical expenses and income, as well as further economic strain from the inability to work due to their injuries. However, the pressure of these immediate losses sometimes causes them to overlook the long-term damages their bus accidents have likely caused.

Unfortunately, many people become desperate in the face of their immediate damages and settle very quickly for much less than they legally deserve. They often realize later that they could have secured much more compensation for their losses if they had legal representation on their side. Instead of risking the quality of your recovery after a serious bus accident in Orange County by attempting to secure compensation on your own, have an experienced Orange County bus accident lawyer handle your case. The right attorney can offer peace of mind during a challenging time and help you confidently approach your case.

When you choose Chris and Frank to represent you in an Orange County bus accident claim, we will thoroughly review the details of your case to help you determine the full scope of your claimable damages. We’ll assist you in gathering the evidence you need to prove fault for your damages and hold the responsible party accountable for their actions. Ultimately, you are not only more likely to succeed with your bus accident claim when you hire an experienced legal team but also more likely to maximize your recovery to the fullest extent possible.

Determining Liability for a Bus Accident Case in Orange County, CA

Success with any personal injury claim requires identifying the party or parties responsible for the injury and proving they directly caused your claimed damages. Your Orange County bus accident lawyer will carefully review your claim and help you assess the full scope of your damages. Next, they will assist you in gathering whatever evidence you need to accurately determine the fault for those damages.

Bus companies and other organizations that provide transportation as a paid service to the public are “common carriers,” and these entities have strict legal obligations to prevent injuries to their customers. Common carriers must enforce strict hiring and training procedures to ensure their employees can operate public transportation vehicles safely. Drivers for common carriers have a higher duty of care than private drivers to prevent accidents. Depending on how your recent bus accident occurred, the driver, their employer, a third party, or multiple parties could bear fault for your damages.

Your Orange County bus accident lawyer will help you determine fault for the accident by gathering evidence showing exactly how the accident occurred. They can seek physical evidence recovered from the accident scene, gather statements from bus passengers and others who saw the incident occur, and assist you in gathering other evidence that might support your case. Cell phone records, traffic camera data, and vehicle computer data are just a few examples of evidence that might be necessary for proving fault for your bus accident.

Orange County bus accident lawyer

Potential Damages and Compensation in Bus Accident Cases

California state law says that a plaintiff in a personal injury case can seek compensation for all damages resulting from another party’s negligence. Your bus accident likely resulted in physical injuries and other damages that you may have trouble calculating without an experienced attorney assisting you. Your claimable damages could potentially include:

  • Medical treatment costs. Any vehicle accident can cause traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, internal injuries, and other harm. It’s common for victims of vehicle accidents to sustain multiple injuries and require extensive medical care. Plaintiffs in California personal injury claims have the right to claim compensation for all medical expenses incurred due to a defendant’s negligence. This includes immediate medical expenses and the cost of ongoing treatments the victim requires.
  • Lost income. Your bus accident is likely to leave you unable to work for an extended time, and this lost income, in combination with your medical expenses, can create incredible economic strain for any household. You have the right to seek compensation for immediate lost wages following a bus accident as well as lost future earning potential when you cannot return to work at all due to your injuries. If your bus accident caused a permanent disability, talk with an attorney. You may be able to hold the defendant responsible for the income you would have reasonably expected to earn in the future if they hadn’t caused the accident.
  • Pain and suffering. California law acknowledges that a plaintiff’s painful and traumatic experience qualifies for monetary damages. The amount you can claim in pain and suffering depends on the severity of your injury and whether you face long-term medical complications. Most personal injury attorneys multiply their clients’ claimed medical expenses by two to five to reflect the seriousness of their conditions.

An experienced Orange County bus accident lawyer can potentially help you secure much more compensation than you initially expected. It’s vital to secure legal counsel as soon as possible after a bus accident in Orange County to have the best chance of successfully securing compensation for your losses.

How Can Orange County Bus Accident Lawyers Help?

Any personal injury claim can present challenges and opportunities that a plaintiff may not recognize or address on their own. You can rely on an experienced Orange County bus accident lawyer to fully explore every channel of compensation available to you and maximize your recovery. The lawyers at Chris and Frank offer client-focused legal representation because we know that no two claims are exactly alike. While any motor vehicle accident claim is likely to pose difficulties to the claimant, bus accident claims are especially challenging due to the common carrier laws that come into play. Rest assured that our team will help you navigate your case with confidence.

FAQs About Orange County, CA Bus Accident Law

Can You Sue a Bus Company for Injuries?

Common carrier laws in California dictate that a bus company may absorb liability if it fails to uphold its legal obligations in any way. For example, if a bus driver caused an accident due to driving their bus under the influence of alcohol and the bus company failed to perform an appropriate background check, the company would likely absorb liability for this accident.

What Happens If a Bus Hits You?

If a bus hits you in Orange County, it’s vital to secure legal representation right away. After the police conduct their initial investigation and allow you to leave, seek medical attention as soon as possible, even if you think you only sustained minor injuries. Once you’ve received treatment, consult an Orange County bus accident lawyer to determine the best next steps to take.

What Happens If a School Bus Crashes?

Children throughout Orange County rely on school buses to get to and from school every day, and a bus accident can result in serious injuries to multiple students. Depending on how the accident occurred, the bus driver, the bus company, the school district, and a third-party driver are all potential defendants.

What Happens If I’m Partially at Fault for a Bus Accident?

California enforces a pure comparative negligence law. When a plaintiff bears partial fault for a personal injury, they lose a percentage of their case award to reflect their fault. If you have concerns about partial liability for a bus accident, you must speak to an Orange County bus accident lawyer as soon as possible.

Chris and Frank, Orange County Bus Accident Attorneys

If you have recently experienced a bus accident in Orange County, you likely have many more questions specific to your case. California upholds a two-year statute of limitations on personal injury claims, and this time limit begins on the date your injury occurred. This may seem like plenty of time to file your lawsuit, but taking swift legal action is always in your best interests. If you are ready to discuss your recent bus accident with an experienced and compassionate Orange County bus accident lawyer, contact Chris and Frank today and schedule a consultation with our team.

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