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Samsung ‘Safety Truck’ Could Make Driving Safer

by | Jun 29, 2015 | Truck Accidents

Samsung is working on a technology to let people see through semi-trucks on the road.

It seems as though new innovations for better road safety have taken over the tech news headlines this year. You’ve probably already heard of Google’s self-driving cars, which have already been tested in California. Now, Samsung has devised an unusual strategy for increasing road safety – transparent trucks. Although you won’t be literally be able to see through these ‘transparent’ trucks, it will sure look like it if you are driving behind one.

The technology, which Samsung calls the Safety Truck, uses a wireless camera at the front of a tractor-trailer to relay images of the road ahead to onto a giant wall of four video screens on the rear of the truck. The screens appear to enable motorists traveling behind to “see through” the truck to view conditions on the road ahead.  “This new technology could serve as both a benefit as well as a distraction to the average driver— our firm is currently analyzing the potential safety issues related to this up and coming technology,” said attorney Chris Guldjian.

If you’re stuck behind a large truck, you’ll have a clear, real-time view of oncoming traffic. You can also see any obstacles or traffic that might otherwise catch you off guard.

Passing trucks is can be dangerous, particularly on two-lane roads where the maneuver requires quickly dodging oncoming traffic. Samsung thinks this technology can save lives by reducing accidents.

However, the idea doesn’t appear economically practical at large scale. The camera might be cheap and simple enough to install, but four displays per truck would be a major investment for any transport company to make, especially since it wouldn’t lead to any direct financial benefit. The project is still in the early prototype phase. Samsung tested it with one truck in Argentina. While Samsung sees the vehicle’s usefulness in Argentina, it would be interesting to see if the manufacturer brings these vehicles worldwide, including to the United States.

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