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Every day, thousands of personal injuries occur throughout the United States from innumerable causes. A personal injury can happen very suddenly, leaving the victim and their family wondering how they can recover their losses and rebuild their lives after the severe toll another party has taken on them through negligence or misconduct. If you or a loved one is struggling in the aftermath of another party’s actions, a San Bernardino personal injury attorney can provide guidance and support when you need it most.

Representing Personal Injury Claims for San Bernardino, CA, Clients

Any personal injury has the potential to be a life-changing event for everyone involved. When your injury is the direct result of another party’s intentional misconduct or failure to exercise reasonable care, you have every legal right to hold them accountable for the losses they caused. While it’s technically possible to pursue your recovery efforts on your own, this is very risky in several ways and unlikely to produce the results you hope to see. Alternatively, working with the right San Bernardino personal injury attorney can significantly improve your chances of recovering as fully as state law allows.

Benefits of Legal Counsel in Your San Bernardino, CA, Personal Injury Suit

The attorneys at Chris and Frank comprise a team of San Bernardino personal injury attorneys with years of experience handling all types of personal injury claims on behalf of our clients. Whether you are certain of the fault behind your recent injury or need help determining who is responsible for the personal injury you suffered, we can help. It’s vital to find an attorney with experience handling cases like yours, and our team has successfully represented a wide range of personal injury clients in the San Bernardino, CA, area.

Our goal in every case we accept is to provide reassuring and compassionate legal counsel as we navigate our client to a favorable outcome. When you have the right attorney assisting you with your case, you will not need to worry about administrative or procedural delays from clerical errors or missed court filing deadlines. Your legal team will handle all of the procedural requirements of your case on your behalf so you can focus on your recovery.

Ultimately, while it’s natural to have reservations about the potential cost of hiring legal counsel, you are far more likely to maximize your recovery with an attorney’s help than you would be on your own. You will also be less likely to make common errors with your personal injury claim when you have the right legal team managing your case. Your choice to hire an attorney can significantly improve your chances of success with your recovery efforts after a personal injury in San Bernardino, CA, and they may also enhance your final case award beyond your initial expectations.

Proving Fault for Your Personal Injury in San Bernardino, CA

When you choose Chris and Frank to handle your personal injury suit in San Bernardino, we will begin by helping you identify the parties most likely to bear liability for your damages. Once you have accurately identified the defendants and explored initial recovery options like auto insurance or workers’ compensation, your San Bernardino personal injury attorney will help you build your civil suit against the party responsible for the damages you experienced.

You could not only qualify to claim economic and non-economic damages, but you could also receive punitive or statutory damages at the discretion of the judge handling your case. Judges often award these damages not so much to compensate the plaintiff as to punish the defendant. It is also possible for a defendant to face criminal charges for their actions, and restitution to the victim could form part of their sentence. These are examples of how a plaintiff’s compensation may increase based on the defendant’s actions, but it is also possible for the plaintiff’s shared fault to diminish their recovery.

Most personal injury claims for car accidents in California revolve around acts of negligence or failures to exercise reasonable care in certain situations. Proving fault in this type of case requires proving the defendant owed a specific duty of care, violated that duty of care, and consequently caused all the plaintiff’s claimed damages. Alternatively, it’s possible for a car accident to occur from an act of intentional misconduct or a criminal act, such as driving under the influence of alcohol or reckless driving. In these situations, defendants are likely to face criminal charges, and a plaintiff’s civil claim may unfold alongside a criminal case filed by the state.

If your personal injury claim revolves around the defendant’s act of negligence, you must prove they violated a duty of care and directly caused your claimed damages. If the defendant engaged in any illegal and intentional misconduct, they would face criminal charges from the state alongside your civil suit. The exact process of proving liability will differ from case to case, and a good attorney is an invaluable asset no matter what your case entails.

Claimable Damages in San Bernardino Personal Injury Suits

While the average person is capable of calculating some immediately recognizable economic losses like vehicle repair costs, property losses, medical bills, and lost income from time spent home from work, they may struggle to accurately assess the long-term financial impact of their experience.

Whenever another party directly causes an accident, either intentionally or negligently, California law dictates they are responsible for all resulting damages the victim suffers. The attorneys at Chris and Frank know how devastating a car accident can be for the victim and their family and the uncertainty you face in this challenging situation. No matter how your recent accident happened, we can assist you in determining fault for the incident and hold the appropriate parties accountable. The economic losses California law allows you to seek in your personal injury claim include:

  • Medical expenses, including immediate and long-term treatment costs necessary for restoring lost functionality and helping the victim reach maximum medical improvement. Your attorney can consult with your medical care team, gathering any medical reports you will need to prove the scope and severity of your injury.
  • Lost income and lost earning potential. Your recent personal injury could prevent you from working for an extended period, or you could be left unable to work at all. In either situation, the defendant is liable for your lost income and lost earning capacity. A San Bernardino personal injury attorney can assist their client in calculating the full amount of short- and long-term lost income claimable from the defendant.
  • Property damage. Whenever a personal injury entails property losses, the plaintiff can include repair and replacement costs in their civil claim for damages.

California law acknowledges that the experience of a personal injury can be painful and traumatic, and plaintiffs are legally allowed to claim financial compensation for their intangible damages to reflect their experiences alongside economic damages proven with documentation.

The amount of pain and suffering compensation a plaintiff obtains typically hinges on the scope and severity of the injuries they suffered and the long-term medical complications they are likely to cause. For example, if you suffered a permanent disability from your accident, your attorney may deem it appropriate to multiply your claimed economic damages by a factor of four or five to reflect the seriousness of your condition. It is also possible for you to receive punitive or statutory damages to reflect a defendant’s egregious negligence or intentional misconduct.

Commonly Filed Personal Injury Claims in California

A personal injury claim can arise from any situation in which one party bears direct fault for damages sustained by another party. Some of the most commonly reported causes of personal injuries in California that generate civil suits include:

  • Motor vehicle crashes. Vehicle accidents account for many of the accidental injuries and deaths in California each year. Recovery from a serious accident is likely to require an auto insurance claim followed by a personal injury suit against the at-fault driver. Chris and Frank can assist you with your auto insurance claim and address any disputes with the insurer. We can then help you build a personal injury suit against the at-fault driver if their insurance alone can’t cover your losses.
  • Premises liability. Owners of properties are legally required to make sure that their properties will not harm lawful visitors and guests. If you slipped and fell due to an owner’s failure to address a known and/or foreseeable safety issue, you could hold them accountable for any resulting damages. Slip and fall injuries are some of the most commonly filed premises liability claims in California.
  • Dog attack claims. California law states that when a dog injures a person, the dog’s owner is liable for the victim’s damages. The only conditions are that the victim must have been legally present wherever the attack occurred, and they must not have provoked the dog to attack in any way. It is important for dog owners to remember it does not matter if a dog has given any prior indication it may be dangerous; if they fail to restrain their dog and prevent it from injuring another person, they are liable for all resulting damages.
  • Workplace injuries. If you sustain an injury at work in California, your employer likely has workers’ compensation insurance. However, depending on the nature of your injury and who is responsible for it, you could file a claim for damages as well. While you probably can’t sue your employer, you may also file a third-party personal injury suit in addition to your workers’ compensation claim if a third party outside of work caused your recent workplace injury.
  • Catastrophic injury claims. If a defendant caused a life-changing injury to you or a loved one, you have the right to hold them fully accountable for the entire scope of immediate and long-term damages you face because of their actions.

Personal injuries happen for many reasons every day throughout the San Bernardino, CA, area, often without warning. It’s natural to have lots of legal questions if you are reeling from the effects of a personal injury someone else caused, and the right attorney can provide crucial legal advice and reassurance during this very difficult time. The sooner you hire a San Bernardino personal injury attorney, the more time they have to work on your case.

What to Expect From Your San Bernardino Personal Injury Attorney

Working with an experienced San Bernardino, CA, personal injury attorney is the best way to ensure maximum recovery from your short and long-term damages resulting from a defendant’s actions. The lawyers at Chris and Frank help each client develop a uniquely tailored civil suit aimed at maximum recovery. No matter how your personal injury happened, we will do everything we can to maximize the economic and non-economic damages you obtain from the defendant.

Once you secure legal counsel, your attorney should begin handling your case by identifying the party or parties liable for your personal injury. Your legal team can assist you in gathering evidence from the accident scene, professional insights from expert witnesses, and witness testimony from anyone who saw your accident happen. The exact process of proving fault will differ from case to case, and your attorney should demonstrate professional flexibility in addressing the unique variables of your case.

Most personal injury claims filed in California end in private settlement negotiations. As long as both parties are willing to compromise, they can potentially resolve their civil dispute relatively quickly. Your San Bernardino personal injury attorney will be a crucial asset for securing a fair settlement offer from the defendant. If you cannot resolve your case in this manner, you need an attorney ready to represent you in litigation.

When you choose Chris and Frank as your San Bernardino personal injury attorneys, you can expect personalized legal advice through every stage of your case. We take time to learn each client’s unique needs and concerns, ensuring comprehensive and client-focused legal counsel in every case we accept. Regardless of how your recent personal injury happened in San Bernardino, you can count on our team to help you navigate your proceedings and secure suitable compensation for your damages.


Q: Is It Worth Filing a Personal Injury Claim in San Bernardino?

A: It’s natural to wonder how much your injury case is potentially worth and whether your case award would justify the effort required to obtain it. When you have Chris and Frank handling your claim, our representation incurs no upfront legal fees, and you will part with a percentage of your case award once we win your case. If you have suffered any significant personal injury due to the action of another party, there is no reason to shoulder the cost of the resulting damages on your own.

Q: What Happens If I Share Fault for My Personal Injury?

A: California enforces a pure comparative fault rule, meaning it is possible for more than just one party to bear liability for a personal injury. This includes the plaintiff. In the event a plaintiff is found partially responsible for their damages, they lose an equivalent percentage of their case award. If you are worried about bearing partial fault in your personal injury case, it is essential to speak with an experienced attorney as soon as possible about your concerns.

Q: How Long Will It Take to Settle My Personal Injury Suit in San Bernardino, CA?

A: The time required to settle your personal injury claim typically hinges on how severe your damages are and the clearness of liability. When a defendant is obviously at fault for a personal injury, a swift settlement is more likely. However, if a defendant denies liability or disputes the plaintiff’s claimed losses, the case may need to be resolved through litigation.

Q: How Much Is My Personal Injury Claim Worth?

A: The total potential value of your claim depends on the scope of your economic losses and the seriousness of the long-term or permanent effects you face from your personal injury. California state law is quite flexible when it comes to the damages you can seek in a personal injury suit, and the right attorney will help you maximize your final recovery as much as state law permits.

Q: What Difference Can a San Bernardino Personal Injury Attorney Make in My Case?

A: An experienced San Bernardino personal injury attorney can help you formulate an effective legal strategy for maximizing your compensation from a defendant. Chris and Frank can assist you in navigating an insurance claim, workplace injury claim, or other preliminary recovery efforts before proceeding with a civil suit for damages. Whatever your case entails, experienced legal counsel significantly improves your chances of recovering fair compensation for your losses.

The attorneys at Chris and Frank know the stress and uncertainty that often follow a personal injury and the many pressing legal questions you are likely to have in the aftermath of your experience. Our team has successfully represented many past clients in very demanding personal injury cases, and we’re ready to put this experience to work for you. Contact Chris and Frank Accident Attorneys today to schedule your free consultation with a San Bernardino personal injury attorney you can trust with your case.

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