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Were You Involved In A Motorcycle Accident in San Diego?

If you or a loved one has been involved in a motorcycle accident in San Diego and you are unsure of what to do next, look no further. Speaking with our San Diego motorcycle accident lawyer can help guide you in the right direction and inform you of your legal rights and possibilities for compensation.

Our award-winning injury attorneys and professional staff are available to help you in your time of need and are here to discuss your case at your convenience. We are available to help you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Whether riding for fun or running your errands, motorcycles offer a great and fast way to get to your destinations. Motorcycles are less complex, customizable, convenient parking, cost-effective, and you’ll be safe in case of an electric grid attack. It’s no wonder motorcycles have become a common means of transport in San Diego and the state. In fact, the latest stats show California has the highest registered motorcycles in the country, with 808,377 riders.

Did you know motorcycle riding is the nation’s most dangerous mode of commuting? Motorcycles don’t offer the rider much protection. That’s why most common motorcycle accidents have severe to catastrophic results. It’s common to spot severe injuries after a motorcycle accident, especially if the rider didn’t have the minimum safety gear, or worse, accidental death.

On many occasions, motorcyclists don’t get the compensation they deserve after getting involved in an accident. Even when riders are not at fault, insurance companies try to blame them for the accident. Thus, many victims of motorcycle accidents lose their personal injury claims or get an insufficient settlement.

Have you sustained an injury that requires medical attention in San Diego, but the insurance company is uncooperative? Are you afraid that the adjuster’s offer won’t recover your medical bills, lost wages, bike repair costs, and other expenses?

Talk to an experienced San Diego motorcycle accident lawyer from Chris and Frank Accident Attorneys.

Reasons to Work with a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Motorcycle accidents cause some of the worst injuries on our roads. According to data, about 5,000 people die every year in road crashes involving motorbikes.

Sadly, pursuing compensation for damages suffered after a motorcycle accident can be daunting. First off, you might not have the vitality needed to deal with the insurance company, more so when you have severe injuries.

San Diego Motorcycle Accident LawyerAdditionally, the at-fault or insurance company will most likely have aggressive attorneys to discredit your personal injury claims. This is because most motorcycle accidents have high case value, and defendants are unwilling to accept liability. Therefore, you would be doing yourself an injustice by attempting to fight for your rights on your own.

Working with a specialized personal injury lawyer after a motorcycle accident benefits you in these ways:

Informed Decisions Regarding the Case

The person to blame for the accident that caused you injuries can offer a settlement. Should you accept it or proceed to the jury? Making a decision can be confusing. Your motorcycle accident lawyer can help you choose the most suitable way to handle your case.

Navigating the Legal System

Working with an accomplished motorcycle accident attorney from the start is imperative as you get trustworthy guidance through the legal system. The lawyer knows when and how to file legal paperwork and prove that the defendant is at fault. They also gather relevant evidence and appropriate documentation to argue your case and get a realistic settlement.

Assistance in Settlement Negotiations

It can be stressful to fight a negligent party who won’t admit their wrongdoing or an insurance company that offers a meager settlement. In addition, you might not have the time and patience to escalate the matter to the court.

In such a situation, Chris and Frank Accident Attorneys can negotiate for a better settlement on your behalf. A seasoned motorcycle accident lawyer can push the defendant or their insurance company until you get compensated out of court.

Unearthing Hidden Factors

If you’re a rider and a car hits you, you’ll most likely blame the driver alone. However, an attorney can investigate further and uncover other underlying factors pertinent to the accident. For instance, the municipality can be a negligent party in your case if bad roads were a factor in the crash.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in San Diego

The majority of motorcycle accidents in San Diego involve motor vehicles. Despite the agility, maneuverability, and ability to stop, motorcycles are prone to accidents. The common causes of motorcycle accidents include:

  • Riding under the influence – drugs and other substances can impair your judgment and decision-making. In addition, riding under the influence impairs your maneuverability resulting in a slowed reaction time and reduced motor skills.
  • Negligent road users – the majority of motorcycle accidents occur on urban roads and intersections. Traffic signs and rules ensure the smooth flow of traffic on these roads. Often, road users ignore these traffic signs and laws resulting in a motorcycle accident.
  • Over speeding – motorcycles are agile. Some high-performance bikes can reach a speed of above 300 mph. such high speeds pose a high risk of an accident in a slippery or poorly maintained road.
  • Tailgating – the rule of the thumb is to maintain a two-second distance between vehicles to allow safe stopping. However, motorists ignore this rule and drive closer to the point of crashing into you if you abruptly stop.
  • Lane splitting – California has legalized lane splitting. So, it is common to spot a motorcycle moving between two lanes. There are cases where motorists don’t leave enough space for a rider to split lanes safely. Attempting to maneuver in such a space might result in an accident.
  • Poor weather and road conditions – the weather in San Diego is mostly mild. But, when it rains, the roads get slick and slippery. Riding under such road conditions might prove challenging, especially to inexperienced riders, raising the chances of an accident.

Failure to pay attention is the leading cause of road accidents. So, every rider must stay alert and watch out for circumstances that would result in an accident.

Determining Fault In A Motorcycle Accident In San Diego

Contrary to popular belief, determining fault isn’t as easy as pointing the blame finger at the motorcycle rider. The process of determining fault is complex, especially if you don’t have the proper legal representation. Often, insurers will point the fault on you. With the proper backing, you might end up without any compensation.

Based on the evidence presented and the circumstances surrounding the accident, your motorcycle accident attorney will prove that you aren’t at fault beyond any reasonable doubt.

Furthermore, California is a comparative fault state, meaning you’ll still recover damages even with some level of fault in the motorcycle accident.

Hiring The Right San Diego Motorcycle Accident Attorney

According to the State Bar of California, there are more than 190,000 active attorneys. However, picking the right motorcycle attorney from such a wide pool can be tricky and dizzying for the first-timer. To help you make an informed choice, consider the following:

  • Area of specialization. Ensure the firm you choose specializes in motorcycle accidents as specialization indicates expertise in that particular field.
  • Reviews and testimonials. An expert law firm has positive reviews and testimonials from previous clients. Go through these testimonials to gauge the attorney’s suitability.
  • Pocket friendly. Choose a motorcycle attorney that charges you on a contingent basis instead of hourly. Your attorney will get a percentage of your restitution on a contingent basis once you win your case.
  • Online presence. Do your preferred motorcycle attorneys have a website? A website is the most ideal and efficient location to highlight an attorney’s skills and portfolio.
  • Peer identification and accolades. Their peers and various law associations will notice an expert and excellent motorcycle attorney for their exemplary work. Hop on to their website to check whether they have any awards, peer referrals.

You can get a feel of your attorney on your first consultation. Your ideal motorcycle attorney should be compassionate, patient, and trustworthy. In short, your ideal motorcycle accident in San Diego is from Chris and Frank.

FAQs About San Diego, CA Motorcycle Injury Law

Do I Need A Motorcycle Attorney In My Accident Suit?

Motorcycle accidents are complex, especially when dealing with insurance companies. Without an attorney, it’s impossible to navigate the legal corridors and procedures. Furthermore, a motorcycle attorney will help you file your claim and translate any legal jargon coming your way.

What To Do After A Motorcycle Accident In San Diego?

The steps you take immediately after the accident are crucial. These actions also contribute to the success of your lawsuit. After the accident:

  • Contact the first responders and the police
  • If possible. Step away from the accident scene at a safe distance
  • Gather evidence from the accident scene, such as the other party’s contact info, insurance details, and license plate, any available video footage, photos, and eyewitness reports.
  • Head to the hospital for a thorough checkup
  • Contact your motorcycle accident attorney at Chris and Frank

Is There A Statute of Limitations Is San Diego?

After a motorcycle accident or accidental death, the law mandates you to report immediately. According to California Law, you are required to file your motorcycle accident claim within two years from the date of injury or accidental death. To ensure this time doesn’t lapse, your motorcycle accident attorney will assist you.

What Damages Can You Recover?

No motorcycle accident is the same. There’s no ‘one figure fits all.’ Nevertheless, the damages you can recover include:

  • Medical bills
  • Emotional trauma
  • Damage to property
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of wages and your source of livelihood

To maximize your chances of recovering these damages, contract a San Diego motorcycle accident attorney.

Motorcycle Best Practices In San Diego?

Motorcycle accidents are catastrophic, and the road to recovering is painstaking. The following steps can help you avoid a motorcycle accident or mitigate the results of the accident:

What Documents Do I Need To File A Lawsuit?

Your attorney will file the claim for you to ensure the process is done right. However, to file your claim, you’ll require:

  • The crash scene evidence, including photos, videos, and eyewitness statements.
  • Police and investigator’s reports.
  • The other party’s info and a copy of their insurance policy.

Why Hire A Sand Diego Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

We work relentlessly to ensure that bikers get maximum compensation when they are the victims of an accident. For instance, we litigated for our client who got side-swiped on the freeway and won the case with a $3.2 million settlement.

We specialize in accidents, so we have gathered immense experience in dealing with a case like yours over the years. When you contact us, we listen to your story attentively to learn how the accident happened and the injuries you sustained. We are also keen to understand the accident’s impact on your life to ensure you get reasonable compensation.

Here is what you can expect when working with Chris and Frank Accident Attorneys:

  • Free consultations and reviews
  • No single fee until we win your case
  • All emotional support you need for quick recovery
  • Quality medical treatment with no out-of-pocket costs
  • Assistance in the repair or replacement of your motorcycle
  • Clear and ongoing legal advice and case updates from our attorneys

These benefits also apply when you work with our San Diego car accident lawyer.

Please note that we offer our clients more than legal representation. Our personal injury attorneys work closely with you throughout your pursuit of compensation. We begin by helping you establish whether you have a case, the liable parties, the damages you can claim, and the best course of action to get the highest compensation.

We then investigate your accident, liaise with experts, gather evidence, secure your medical records, and handle court paperwork. Additionally, we notify the insurance company about your demands and negotiate for the settlement you deserve. If they don’t cooperate, our motorcycle accident attorneys fight for your right to compensation in a trial.

Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries in San Diego

The fact that a motorbike relies on the rider’s skill for balance puts motorcyclists in greater danger of accidents than car drivers. Here are some common injuries associated with motorcycle accidents.

Road Rash

This type of injury refers to abrasion, cuts, and bruises that occur when your body rubs against the ground during a crash. The wounds can be severe if you’re at high speed when getting into contact with the road surface.

Broken Bones

A collision accident can hurl a motorcyclist into the air before landing on the ground. If you hit a hard surface like a vehicle while you’re in high momentum, you might suffer multiple bone fractures and breakage.

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

TBI is an accident resulting from your head banging hard against a rigid object. These injuries are common when riders don’t wear helmets.

The impact can injure your brain, resulting in death or untold degradation of the quality of your life. It can interfere with your body balance, speech, memory, and so on.

Spinal Cord Injuries

The spinal cord is an integral part of the central nervous system. If it gets hurt, some body parts can get paralyzed, depending on the location of the injury. You can even lose your life.

Limb Amputation

If your injuries are so severe that the chance of recovering is minimal, the doctor can resolve to amputate a body part like a limb. If that happens to you, an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer can help you seek compensation.

Wrongful Death

It’s common knowledge that many motorbike accidents are fatal. If your family member loses their life due to someone else’s negligent or careless actions, you may be eligible to file for compensation.

Types of Motorcycle Crashes

A motorcycle rider can get involved in an accident in numerous ways. Here are the types of motorcycle accidents personal injury lawyers at Chris and Frank Accident Attorneys see frequently.

Head-on Collisions

The worst type of motorcycle accident you can ever get involved in is a head-on collision. It’s the top reason for fatalities involving riders and their passengers. If you survive, you may have to live with long-term injuries or disabilities.

Due to such complications, head-on collisions call for high amounts in compensation. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to engage a motorcycle accident lawyer since the insurance company will fight hard.

Lane Splitting Accidents

Lane splitting refers to a motorcyclist riding between the designated traffic lanes to bypass traffic, which is illegal. Since California is a comparative negligence state, you may still collect damages when you’re partially at fault in a lane-splitting accident.

However, you may only qualify for a reduced settlement based on your contribution to the accident. Be sure to work with an experienced motorcycle accident attorney to fight for your rights if you’re involved in a lane-splitting accident.

Lane Switching Accidents

Since motorcycles are relatively small compared to an average car, riders can easily get into a larger vehicle’s blind spot. A tragic accident can result if the driver doesn’t check their blind spot when switching to the next lane. In such a case, the automobile driver should take responsibility for the accident.

Left Turn Motorcycle Accident

Many drivers don’t recognize motorcycle riders’ right of way. For this reason, it’s common for cars to hit motorcyclists when turning left at intersections.

Let Our Top San Diego Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Represent You

Injuries or losing a loved one in a motorcycle accident in San Diego can leave you distressed. The accident can leave you unable to fend for yourself or your family. The road to recovery is no easy feat, especially without any financial backing and facing mountains in medical bills. Worse still, the insurance companies are working against you receiving the compensation you desperately need.

That’s why you need the most experienced motorbike accident attorneys in San Diego from Chris and Frank Accident Attorneys. Our motorcycle accident attorneys are compassionate and understand the emotional and physical injuries resulting from the motorcycle accident. We understand your pain and trauma, let alone going through the motions again during the consultation. We have created a comfortable and homely environment where you can explain in detail what happened and the circumstances surrounding the motorcycle accident so we can be able to help you better.

To top it all, to ease your mind and heart, we’ll offer you a free consultation so you can rest easy and open up. Our attorneys will take every detail of the accident, however minor, into account to establish a motorcycle accident case for you.

We have a team of dedicated and award-winning motorcycle attorneys who’ve represented and won numerous suits, and we have the results to prove it.

How A San Diego Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Near Me Can Help

It’s difficult to come back from sustained injuries or lose a loved one through a motorcycle accident in San Diego. Without any financial assistance, the road to recovery and survival can be bleak and uncertain. The good news is, Chris and Frank motorcycle accident attorneys will fight for your compensation. For more information on how you can recover damages in San Diego, feel to contact us today at 714-882-5800 or fill out our free online case evaluation. We are ready to assist you in getting your life back.

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