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Traumatic Brain Injury Symptoms Years Later

by | Dec 19, 2021 | Brain Injuries, Personal Injury

Traumatic brain injuries are some of the most severe injuries anyone can suffer, often resulting in expensive medical treatment and very long recovery times. Some traumatic brain injury victims never fully recover from this experience, suffering symptoms for many years after their initial injuries. It is also possible for traumatic brain injury symptoms to subside and then resurface years later, sometimes without warning and other times in response to certain stimuli.

If you or a loved one recently suffered a traumatic brain injury, you likely face a challenging and uncertain road to recovery. It’s natural for anyone in this position to wonder about the potential long-term effects they might experience and what to expect in terms of recovery and future risks. An experienced California brain injury attorney can be the ideal asset in this situation, assisting you through your complex legal proceedings as you work toward securing compensation for your losses.

What Is a Traumatic Brain Injury?

A traumatic brain injury is any injury that damages the brain. These injuries can occur from blunt force trauma, such as falling and hitting your head on the ground or experiencing a car accident. Traumatic brain injuries can also involve penetrating injuries from gunshots and explosion shrapnel. In addition, some people suffer traumatic brain injuries from oxygen deprivation or exposure to toxic chemicals.

Potential Long-Term Complications of Traumatic Brain Injuries

One of the worst aspects of brain injuries is their inherent uncertainty. The human brain is extraordinarily complex, and it is very difficult to predict the full scope of medical complications a brain injury victim might face. Many people can suffer a seemingly identical brain injury, and each has vastly different experiences. In addition, many brain injuries cause long-term symptoms, such as:

  • Memory impairment. The victim may forget things from their life before their traumatic brain injury, and it is possible for a victim to have difficulty forming new memories after their injury.
  • Sensory disruption. Brain damage can interfere with the victim’s ability to accurately process sensory information. Blindness, deafness, diminished sensory function, and other sensory disorders are possible from traumatic brain injuries and may persist for a long time.
  • Personality changes. Some brain injury victims display new behaviors or altered personalities following their initial recoveries. Some of these changes are subtle and transient, while others are profound and long-lasting.
  • Persistent headaches and migraines. Any type of brain injury can cause persistent headaches or leave the victim highly susceptible to headaches from certain stimuli, such as bright lights or loud noises.
  • Post-concussion syndrome. Concussions are some of the most commonly cited traumatic brain injuries, and many of these injuries pose long-term complications to victims. Post-concussion syndrome is a long-term condition characterized by various symptoms, including memory problems, persistent headaches, personality changes, mood swings, and intermittent, severe migraines.

These are just a few examples of how traumatic brain injuries can cause long-term problems. Some of these issues may not immediately appear.

Traumatic Brain Injury Symptoms Years Later FAQs

These are some of the most commonly asked questions about traumatic brain injuries.

Can Symptoms of a Brain Injury Show Up Years Later?

Brain injuries are unpredictable, and a brain injury victim can experience a specific set of symptoms after their accident and then later develop new symptoms. It is also possible for symptoms to appear without warning many years after a brain injury.

Does TBI Get Worse With Age?

While all brain injuries will require time to heal and many victims recover from their traumatic brain injuries with appropriate treatment, many brain injuries worsen over time. It’s possible for initial symptoms to gradually worsen; new symptoms may appear years after the initial injury; and new symptoms could replace prior symptoms.

How Can You Tell if You Have Brain Damage?

The symptoms of brain damage are usually obvious, including severe headaches, loss of balance and coordination, sensory disruptions, memory problems, and cognitive impairment. Some brain damage will also appear on medical imaging.

Is Traumatic Brain Injury a Permanent Disability?

A traumatic brain injury can easily cause various permanent disabilities. Some people may experience a significant loss of motor functions or cognitive decline that prevents them from working or living independently.

Ultimately, any traumatic brain injury victim should consult their doctor about any concerns for long-term complications from their brain injury. It’s vital to follow medical advice carefully and notify your doctor of any sudden changes to your condition. If another party caused your traumatic brain injury in California, you have the right to hold them accountable for all your resulting damages, both immediate and future.

Taking Legal Action for Traumatic Brain Injury Damages

A personal injury attorney is a tremendous asset after you or a loved one has sustained a traumatic brain injury due to the actions of another party. The right attorney can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case, potentially helping you secure compensation for immediate and future damages related to your traumatic brain injury.

It’s important to remember that your traumatic brain injury can cause symptoms much later in your life, potentially years after you have settled your initial personal injury claim. Therefore, securing reliable and experienced legal counsel is crucial to maximizing your recovery. A good attorney will not only help their client recover immediate medical expenses and other damages but also consult medical experts who can help their client determine the full scope of long-term effects they potentially face. In addition, if a traumatic brain injury victim is likely to experience ongoing medical complications or faces a significant risk of future complications from their injury, the right attorney can help them hold the defendant accountable for these anticipated future damages.

Your traumatic brain injury is likely to be a life-changing experience, and you have the right to hold the party responsible for causing it accountable for their actions. The attorneys at Chris and Frank can provide the comprehensive legal counsel you need in this challenging and unpredictable situation. Contact us today to learn more about the legal services we provide and how we can potentially help you recover compensation for anticipated long-term traumatic brain injury damages.

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