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Vehicle Safety Tips for Seniors

by | Jul 16, 2020 | Personal Injury

For seniors, some precautions can be taken to ensure vehicle safety. Take a look at these vehicle safety tips designed especially for seniors:

·         Stay physically active – Physical activity increases flexibility and strength. These are both important for vehicle safety, as they allow you to turn, look, and make responsive movements while driving or riding.

·         Maintain vision and hearing – Vision and hearing both decline as we get older. These are the two main factors in safe driving. For seniors, make sure you maintain vision and hearing by getting routine tests.

·         Manage medications – One of the most important vehicle safety tips for seniors who drive is to manage their medication. Many medications cause blurred vision, dizziness, or drowsiness. All of these can impact driving ability and safety.

·         Know your limitations – This is a vehicle safety tip that is relevant to seniors who drive, or those who are accustomed to being a passenger. Know your limitations in terms of climbing, sitting, or using vehicle features.  

·         Drive on familiar roadways – Seniors can improve driver safety by sticking to driving on familiar roadways. This alleviates some tension and anxiety that the driver may experience.

·         Update driving skills – Driving rules and vehicle features change continually. For seniors, it may be helpful to take a refresher driving course to learn what laws or rules may have changed. For seniors new to certain technologies or features inside a vehicle, it might be helpful to have someone teach you how to safely use them.

Seniors should consult a physician to determine if it is safe for them to continue driving. When driving or riding in a vehicle, always use seat belts, and understand any new features that may impact your experience. At Guldjian & Fasel, we care about your safety. 

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