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What Are Premises Liability Laws In California Relating To Slip And Fall?

by | Apr 15, 2015 | Fall Accidents, Premises Liability

The California premises liability laws are a set of laws that govern slip and fall injuries, as well as other injuries. The law dictates the level of responsibilities that California courts would have for a person who receives an injury on the premises of a California homeowner or business owner. A person who slips and falls on such property may be eligible for compensation under the premises liability laws. The injured person may be eligible to collect compensatory damages, as well as punitive damages. The laws state that the landowner is responsible for any person who gets hurt on the land.

A personal injury attorney can assist an injured person and review the case to see if he or she can collect compensation. The injured party and the attorney would have to establish several points before the judge would award personal injury compensation. First, the injured party would have to prove that he or she received an injury. The person could ask the acting physician to provide proof of such an injury. The victim would want to submit documentation that verifies the injury and establishes the cost that he or she accrued because of the injury.

Next, the personal injury attorney would have to determine the actual owner of the property. The owner of the property is the one that the courts would hold responsible for a premises liability situation. Finally, the attorney would need to establish that the property owner was aware of the danger and that he or she failed to act in a manner that protected the injured party. A store owner or home owner could fall under responsibility for multiple incidents. One common slip and fall occurrence that usually affects a business owner is the classic “wet floor” incident. The “wet floor” incident is an incident in which a store representative waxes or mops a floor and does not notify the customers of the danger. The store representative fails to place a “wet floor” sign anywhere in the customer’s sight.

A similar slip and fall incident can happen inside or outside of a person’s home. A homeowner can fail to pick up toys that his or her child drops on the ground. The same person can fail to de-ice the driveway in the winter. All such situations leave the property owner open for a court case. The parties can settle out of court or go the full length of the process with the dedicated personal injury attorneys at Chris and Frank in California.

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